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How Air Flow Affects Your Vaping Experience

How Air Flow Affects Your Vaping Experience

If you’re new to vaping, you might not have realised the impact that airflow has on your vaping experience. If you've been vaping a while, you'll probably realise that it’s a common theme that arises between people that vape. There are those that say more airflow is better, and then there are others that say that less airflow is better.

The truth is that the preference relies on personal taste. The reason that some people like one way and not the other, while other people prefer it in the opposite direction is that airflow does different things to your vaping experience. 

Here, we are going to look at the four key areas where airflow makes a difference. Once you understand the differences, you will be able to work out which you would prefer: more or less airflow. You will find that it takes time to work this out, and that’ll you make a few adjustments and changes as you go through your vaping journey.

It ensures that the unit stays cool enough to prevent burning your hands and throat
The greater the airflow, the cooler the unit will be around the coils. With low airflow, your vaporiser can become very hot, and this can make it difficult to hold. It’s rare that they will burn, but there have been cases.

However, as well as being hot to the touch, the less the airflow, the hotter the plumes will be when you drawback (i.e. suck it into your mouth). This can lead to very hot plumes that can hurt your throat.

You’ve probably concluded that a higher airflow is better for you, but not so fast because it affects other things too. All this part of the article tells you is that you probably don’t want to turn off the airflow completely.

It helps to control the ease with which you can draw on the vaporiser/vape pen
When the airflow is high, it leads to less resistance when you drawback on your vape pen. This means that it’s harder to take a hit from the vaporiser, making it a bit of an effort to suck back.

Lower airflow makes it easier for you to draw on your vaporiser. Unless you want to suck really hard on it, you’ll need to minimise airflow somewhat.

It helps to enhance the flavour of the e-juice
The greater the airflow, the less you can taste the vape flavours. This is because the flavour mixes with the fresh air and it dilutes the taste. If you want a strong flavour and a decent hit of nicotine, then you will need to minimise the airflow somewhat.

It helps to control the size of the cloud
Finally, the number of airflow impacts the size of the cloud. If you want to make fat clouds, then you need to keep the airflow to a minimum. You’ll create bigger, richer, clouds that have strong vape flavours if you keep the airflow to a minimum.

As you can appreciate, there are both advantages and disadvantages to high and low airflow. Your choice will depend on personal tastes. If making big plumes and having strong flavours is important to you, you'll need to turn down the airflow, but maybe not to the degree that it hurts your throat We hope that you have found this article useful. If you would like to buy vape juices or vaping kits.