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Benefits of WhatsApp marketing for your startups company

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing for your startups company

Whatsapp is the most used app in India and it uses up to 10% of the total data of smartphone users. This shows that it is one of the most used messenger apps. It provides you with a platform to reach out to your audience and get in touch with them directly without any requirement for lengthy visits or expensive calls.

Get as many people as you want on skype or Facetime call on Whatsapp group or send emails to specific people by email through WhatsApp Business API. However, if you want an instant reach, then there are different types of Whatsapp plan available according to your business needs.

Usage of WhatsApp:
Whatsapp is the best application to get in touch with your audience and it has a huge user base in India which gives you an opportunity to spread your business message quickly and to set up a business network.

The app follows an open-source code, which means you can add features through third-party plugins without making any changes to the core application. This helps you create an interesting Whatsapp feature for your audience. Moreover, this app is available on both Android and Apple devices and it operates on different platforms making it easier for users all over the world. If you are running any new campaign, then it will help you reach out to your target audience easily as direct messages are delivered directly from one device to another without any interruption.

Make your group invitation exclusive by using an interesting group code:
The Whatsapp group code is the best way to make a new Whatsapp group more memorable. Thus, you can easily associate your business brand with the new Whatsapp group with unique codes. You can add special features in your invite link by using a unique code to track and monitor each participant's activity as well as the number of members. This helps you identify who is active and remains on the platform rather than adding people just for promotional benefits. This will help you understand which audience works better with your campaign, how well they respond to it, and how often they fall for it.

Track your audience through statuses:
These are the most important tools in WhatsApp to track and monitor your audience. You can use different statuses to send notifications and call for action such as asking them to follow your business brand on social media or connecting with you immediately.

Status: you can create a status asking people to participate in a contest or activity and once they reply, you will be able to connect with them directly on Whatsapp. This makes it easier to chat and gives room for conversation.

Send interesting content: this is the most used feature in WhatsApp, which helps you easily connect with your audience via chat, voice calls, video calls, etc.

WhatsApp features are similar to other platforms, but they have some special features like voice calls, video calls, group chat that are not famous on Facebook or Instagram. It has the potential to spread your content faster as people can share it easily with others in their contact list. You can also add your own contacts to the group for advanced marketing strategies.

It is possible to keep a track of who is interested in your business, what they expect from it and how often do they interact with you. All you need to do is create a WhatsApp business account and then keep track of your actions. If you want to hire any marketing agency contact now SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

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