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10 Romantic honeymoon resorts that make you swoon on the Maldives

10 Romantic honeymoon resorts that make you swoon on the Maldives

Tiny holidaymakers, Romance is in the air! A vacation is a perfect time to revitalize love and enjoy your life, either for your first vacation, a honeymoon, an engagement, or an autonomous journey. A romantic break is a wonderful experience and it adds a great deal to your life of love. Do not fear, we've done the groundwork for you if you're doubtful were to be on the Maldives! Go to our list of top 10 Maldives honeymoon resorts (not in particular), and surprise your baby with a holiday today.

1. Lankanfushi Gili
Gili Lankanfushi, one of the world's most luxurious and private resorts, is one of Maldives' most romantic honeymoon resorts! Visited by the wealthy and well-known, many famous people here enjoy their private breaks. It is home to the world's largest bungalow - all its water villas are massive. Certain villas are only accessible by boat to guarantee full confidentiality. Don't worry if a personal butler who takes care of all arrangements for you is welcome to each couple. Gili Lankanfushi is one of the most splendid honeymoon resorts in the Maldives, with private dining and a well-stocked wine cellar, with exquisite sommeliers and spectacular views. This is the spot that blends the rustic, terrific, natural, and luxurious vibes of the resort!

2. Resort COMO Cocoa Island
This tiny yet luxurious 5-star hotel will redefine the luxury expectations! In the cyan water of the Indian Ocean, the resort offers water villas and island villas that look like the typical Dhonis, which give you an exotic home away from home. The resort has no family facilities, so privacy and a romantic atmosphere make the Maldives an ideal honeymoon resort. COMO Cocoa win on all fronts, thanks to its outstanding room service, fine delicacies from all over the globe, and a beautiful view from the dead.

3. Fushi's Soneva
Soneva Fushi takes the 'no news, no shoes' slogan very seriously, one of the eco-friendly resorts in the Maldives. The resort is filled with driftwood, mosquito nets, and elegant facilities, dressed as primitive objects, and gives off a Robinson Crusoe atmosphere. This resort has many compliments and delicacies, from free handicraft chocolate to kayak rental. These make your baby great dates! You and your valuable fellow in this resort will be greeted by a personal butler, world-class cuisine, wild adventures, explorations, and some fun water sports.

4. Resort of Baros Island
Baros has a paradise of love and passion, one of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. The villas on the water are devoid of noise or upheaval, giving it a stunning, idyllic atmosphere. Reef and facilities are suitable for couples and are consistently selected as one of Maldives's best romantic honeymoon resorts. This honeymoon resort in the Maldives is unique for its devoted team of sea biologists, who are responsible for the vacationers' astonishing and personal experience. Take advantage of snorkeling and diving lessons, in some exciting experiences with your loved one. This resort is ideal for couples due to its variety of restaurants, lounges, and amenities.

5. Resort of Mirihi Island
It is a perfect place to pay for all the services and this beautiful private resort is far more accessible. This 4-star hotel enjoys a fantastic place - from your own space, you can sport sharks, green tortoises, and manta rays! The luxury rooms are private and even at maximum occupancy the resort never seems crowded. This is the favorite of couples thanks to the dam of activities and events and the excellent care given to guests. The rooms have no TV - reconnect without any distractions with your girlfriend! Bonus tip: Try the pairs' Adam and Eve spa treatment which includes a complimentary beach champagne dinner.

6. Resort and Spa Taj Exotica
This 5-star resort and spa, a member of the renowned Taj Brand, boasts an atmosphere of luxury and elegance, with its lovely villas, royal, and superb amenities. This honeymoon resort in the Maldives will make all your holiday dreams come true: personal butlers, private meals on treetops or sandbars, snorkeling, poolside bibliothèques, personalized parting gifts, and a private island spa. Explore your best half, Taj style, to the tropical nation in comfort and royalty!

7. Island Resort Veligandu
Veligandu Island Resort is a paradise of beauty and grace, one of the cheapest options in the Maldives. The resort offers all-inclusive packages surrounded by white beaches and turquoise waters, which are bound to go quickly and in the heart.

8. Vommuli Resort St Regis Maldives
This idyllic resort is renowned for its eclectic and stylish unique and flowing architecture. Lose yourself with your loved one in his winding rooms and in his airy villas. If you are sea lovers with your buddy, you are here for a treat! The view and unparalleled biopsy of this area are guaranteed to be a dream destination for a honeymoon resort in the Maldives – from clownfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish, turtles, rocky dolphins, and corals to overhangs, groves, and many more.

9. Landaa Giraavaru's four seasons Maldives
This is the perfect bet for you if you have a romantic getaway that is similar to champagne, wine, great food, and endless adventure! The Four Seasons Maldives, situated on a remote island, offers you a soothing spa atmosphere combined with world-class cuisine. Regular snorkeling and walking trips are also organized and are linked to sea turtles, manta rays, and even sharks. The whole estate offers a tropical haven with a discreet, seamless elegance that suits royalty.

10. Vabbinfaru's Banyan Tree
This resort is ideal for a relaxing romantic getaway without tension. The spa at the premises has specially trained, high-quality Thai care that will definitely eradicate your concerns. Take a break out of urban life and indulge your whims at Banyan Tree, with its vast and white beaches, long and romantic walks, and a luxurious dinner. Sneak in your outdoor shower in a cheeky pair too!

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