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4 Reasons Why Tree Dies

4 Reasons Why Tree Dies

Trees are the lungs of the earth and it is very essential to prevent them from the environment, disease, and insect activity from killing your trees. Being aware knowledge of all the potential ways or actions you can implement to save your tree from dying will help you to take a quick note and stop the threats from spreading anymore.

By referring to your expert tree services Sydney and collecting the respective information which might turn useful in making a list of all the potential factors promoting the damage and death of trees and how you can work upon it.

1. Disease
Tree diseases can turn out to be havoc for them and in the worst cases kill them in a single growing season. The various common diseases that infect trees are Anthracnose, Fire Blight, Diplodia Tip Blight, Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Canker Diseases.

Trees will show different signs and symptoms when infected by different diseases, however, they all should be treated immediately to avoid the decline and death of the infected tree. By looking at the mentioned points below you can look at the disease they might be dealing with:

Anthracnose – this disease includes dark deep spots in different shades inside the foliage, stems, or the fruits of the tree. Some of them can worsen up to develop cankers on the various parts of the trees.

Fire Blight – a dark brownish tint development and drying up of all the flowers, leaves, and fruit along with the stems and branches are the alarming scenes in this.

Diplodia Tip Blight – symptoms usually take place on the bottom part of the tree and gradually rise towards the upfront. When you see the expansion of new pointy formations, they form up erected starting with a yellowish tint and later turning to tan brown.

Oak Wilt – They specifically target the oak trees and the notebook features of this disease are developed foliage formations with greenish tint water-filled appearance and later turning to light green or golden brown at the sides of the trees and progressing at the center of the infected part.

Dutch Elm Disease – This is a wild spreading disease amongst various trees which can be identified by their leaves turning to yellow color and affecting the leaves of the trees on various branches.

Never treat your tree yourself when you are in any kind of doubt as it makes the bad tree turn into a worse situation. Reach out to tree services Sydney for certified professional help.

2. Effect of The Bad or Change in the Weather
Trees are there even before you took your first breath and have adapted themselves according to their climate and region. However, severe weather conditions can still possess a surprising situation for them causing significant and in few cases lethal damages such as:

Bark tearing – During bad weather conditions such as hurricanes, hailstorms, etc, the bark of the tree can tear down from different sides or affect a large portion which eventually leads to the killing of the tree entirely.

Accidental damages – The similar weather conditions which we have talked about in the last point can bring down man-made objects with them such as furniture, wooden logs, bicycles or other openly placed ornaments which can hit the tree at a dangerous pace or angles which damages the tree instantly and that damage later on turn to live threatening for the tree.

Drought – no matter what the conditions are every tree demands the supply of water for its growth and without this for a prolonged period they can face an early death.

Floods – unlike drought, a flood can damage a tree in an opposite manner which is destroying the base of the tree totally with the pressure of the water.

Windthrow – Strong winds in this condition make trees toppled and in the worst case, a tree is uprooted as it is blown over.

3. Infestations by The Insects
When it comes to infesting the trees, boring insects play the most dangerous and consistent role. All the larvae feed in space under the bark, eating up the tree’s cambium layer, whereas the adults consume the tree’s foliage.

If you detect a wood-boring insect infestation, contact the tree services Sydney to inspect the infestation and remove the tree if needed to save the spreading of the insects in the nearby trees otherwise this scale of infestations can cause catastrophic damages in no time.

4. Age of The Tree
It’s a rare sight but yes, a tree can die of “old age.” However, the age of one tree can differ from another one when it comes to death by age or what we call old-age. Trees who are on the verge of getting old may show various symptoms like chlorosis, multiple dead branches called dieback, a sudden and fast branch falling rates, and sudden death by getting dried up.

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