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Know These UAE Laws Before You Move into the Country

Know These UAE Laws Before You Move into the Country

The UAE is a fun place to be in. However, whether you’re coming over to visit for a few days or thinking of applying for a job here, it’s best to do your research. 

There’s much to know before you visit a country that prides itself on its culture and traditions. Suffice it to say, when there’s this much pride, no one is going to compromise on their ability to enforce these regulations as they deem right. The same is the case with the UAE.

There’s much to do and see in the country as long as you’re keeping in line with the rules declared by the emirates’ rulers. For employees, knowing a few important clauses of the UAE labour law is essential in ensuring their survival. Whereas, for adventurers and tourists, being cautious enough to not end up violating any laws is crucial, regardless of how absurd they might seem to you.  

So, let’s get down to the important laws of the UAE you should know:

Customs and Traditions
Firstly, we’ll take a look at the local customs and traditions you need to abide by.

Imports of Goods
You can’t import any product that is declared illegal in the UAE. The majority of the cases that occur at the airport terminal involve pornographic material or products that comprise pork or anything that is considered obscene in the UAE is banned from entering the country. The same goes for any edible item that has pig meat in it.

Far from legalizing cannabis, the UAE will even consider THC in your bloodstream as a possession. So, make sure that you’re completely off of everything before you even think of passing the UAE. 

Even if you’re on connected flights and temporarily staying at a UAE airport, you can face criminal charges. These can result in huge amounts of fines with substantially long prison sentences as well. Any drugs, even residual or ingested amounts are illegal and will be prosecuted as such.

Even if your E-cigarettes contain CBD oil, you are liable to get arrested and face criminal charges. This also includes skincare products that come with narcotics in their compositions. Make sure you know about the psychotropic, narcotics, and controlled drugs that these rules apply to. You can’t bring them in any form.

If you’re a non-muslim, you can drink in the UAE, provided that you’re either at home or at a licensed venue with a government permit to drink. You can’t drink outside and you can’t drink and appear outside, even if you’re not driving. That’s because if you’re found intoxicated in the streets, you’ll violate the laws against alcohol consumption that the country upholds strictly.

Moreover, once you get a license from an emirate’s government, you can’t use that to drink in another emirate. Abu Dhabi will require a license of its own government regardless of whether you have a Dubai license.

In addition to this, don’t drink in Sharjah. It’s completely forbidden without exceptions. The other emirates have laws that might declare the legal drinking age to be 18. However, the local laws made by the ministry raise the minimum age to be at least 21.

Dress Code
There is much to know about the dress code that is followed in the UAE. While you’re not forced to wear a hijab like a woman, you still can’t appear in public in ‘indecent’ or too ‘revealing’ clothes. Cross-dressing is illegal in the country. Your underwear shouldn’t be visible in public, otherwise, you can face criminal charges relating to obscenity. Even swimming attires that are considered okay for swimming pools and beaches don’t include revealing bikinis. You need to rent out your own private beach to have complete autonomy and privacy.

Even men aren’t allowed to wear shorts in public. Public places comprise parks, malls, restaurants, commercial markets, residential communities, etc.

Age Limit for Hotel Stay
It is legally required by the UAE law for a person to be at least 18 years of age to stay at a hotel. Otherwise, you need a guardian to submit a copy of their passport, which is also legally required.

Offensive Behavior
Finally, make sure that you don’t curse, swear or make rude or offensive gestures. These are classified as obscene and you can’t expect to win a trial in the UAE when it comes to obscenity. It’s recommended to not worsen your case by arguing with a police or state official in any capacity.

When it comes to rental agreements and tenancy contracts, hire professional agents that can get you through the whole process. You will need to visit government offices to get the necessary clearances. Additionally, try your best to never get tangled in any quarrel with an Emirati. Especially when it is concerning the force majeure clause of your tenancy agreement. You’ll not have many chances of winning that debate without proper legal counsel at your side.

In fact, to avoid all sorts of trouble or to ensure that there’s someone who’s got your back, hire professional lawyers. It might seem like an additional expense but you won’t be regretting the decision if you end up in any legal trouble.