September 17, 2021


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Lifestyle Changes For COVID 19

Lifestyle Changes For COVID 19

Coronavirus is a fatal virus that has spread all over the world in a short span of time. There is no such medicine for it except some precautions that made us able to survive from it. Or you can say it has made some changes to people lifestyle. Wearing masks when going outside, wash your hands timely for 20 seconds, and keep a distance from others are the major changes in our lifestyle now. In this article, I will discuss two major factors with that you can protect your own self but people around you. These factors are for the long term and they are not just to protect you but it will make you able to lead a healthy life.

As you know there is no such medication for this deadly virus but there is some nutrition you need to take during this pandemic in order to protect yourself from this virus. The most important thing you need to remember is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water and you can also drink fresh juice of fruits. Nutrition for Covid-19 includes eats clean food like fresh vegetables and fruits as they are rich in multivitamins and fiber. Avoid packet or processed food because this food is not healthy and can not affect any good on your health rather weaken your immune system. You have to stronger your immune system by taking good nutrition and eating fresh food.

One thing to keep in mind is that try to eat at home and avoid eating out. You can take away the food or deliver it at home as this virus spreads in crowded areas. And you don’t know the person who came into the restaurant before you were infected or not.

Exercise is the most important thing for humans to stay fit and healthy. If you eat clean and take healthy food but don’t exercise and don’t make any movement then it’s all in vain. Nutrition and exercise are two parallel things that make life better and healthy for people. Being at home doing exercise is boredom, but I will discuss some exercises with are easy to do and you will enjoy doing them. As you know we are focusing on Covid-19 exercise recommendations to do lung exercises as coronavirus affects the lungs and we need to strengthen lung health.

You can aerobics exercise as it is fun to dance and you won’t get bored. Climbing stairs is also a good exercise for the lungs, you can do the chores and exercise together.  Or you can simply walk or run on the home lawn. These are exercises are good to make your immune system stronger and able to keep you safe from this pandemic virus.

The whole world is battling with the pandemic situation and there is no such medicine for it except precautions. In this article, I touched nutrition and exercise factors which make people life somehow protective from being caught into this virus. One is nutrition and the second is lung exercise. Eating clean food, full of nutrition, and doing exercise 5 days a week will make your immune system stronger and you will be able to survive this virus.