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Physical Therapy for Back & Shoulder Pain

Physical Therapy for Back & Shoulder Pain

Back and shoulder pain can range from slight muscle aches to intense pain and can be caused by a variety of things from overuse to outright injury. Most of these aches and pains go away in a short period of time and we move on- but what happens when the pain is more intense or doesn’t dissipate on its own? This kind of pain can limit your range of movement and make it hard to complete normal daily tasks. If it is left untreated it can start to impact many areas of your life including your eating and sleeping patterns as well as your mood. Finding a way to alleviate back and shoulder pain is a matter of quality of life.

If you are an athlete this even more true. You simply can’t allow pain and discomfort that goes beyond the norm to fester. Not taking care of this kind of pain could lead to long-term damage and will certainly affect your performance. The best physical therapist for back pain will be able to help you strengthen your back to relieve pain and prevent future injuries. They can even help you learn better exercises and training techniques to help protect your back or shoulder from additional sports stressors.

Slap tears, rotator cuff injuries, and shoulder instability (such as a dislocation) litter the field of shoulder injuries in sports. Having a shoulder injury can be tricky to recover from and a poor recovery could end your participation in your chosen sport. The best physical therapist for shoulder pain will be able to add stretching and strength training to your recovery regimen and help you to regain your full strength in no time.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or just a minor injury, physical therapy can get you back in top form. It can help you to increase your range of motion, reduce the soreness to the area and prevent the likelihood of future injuries.

If you are looking for the best physical therapist for back pain, contact Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have been able to help many athletes and people with active lifestyles heal and move past back pain and injuries and return to the sports and activities that they love, in some cases even stronger than they were before.

Don’t let back or shoulder pain stops you from doing all of the things that you love and getting the most out of your life. Shoulder pain does not have to be permanent after an injury or surgery. Reach out to the best physical therapist for shoulder pain, Petroski Physiotherapy, and Performance. They can help you regain your full range of motion and live and play without the pain and soreness that you are currently experiencing.

Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance provides an individual plan for each of their clients. They use state-of-the-art technology and therapies and provide the very best one on one physical therapy.

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