October 28, 2021


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Things required for any picnic

Things required for any picnic

There is not much needed to enjoy a perfect picnic. But if you're looking for a perfectly cooked picnic without typical disasters, such as soggy sandwiches and spoiled potato salad, it won't hurt to have a little more planning. Here are 15 things to always prepare for a picnic.

Ice Packs
In the summer sun, mayonnaise-based foods such as potato salad can spoil and delicate greens can wilt, so if chilled bottles of water are not enough to keep your cooler or picnic basket (or fancy leak-proof cooler backpack) cold, throw in a few ice packs.

Small Size Coolers are an excellent addition to your picnic or any adventure trip. When the scorching heat of summer dehydrates you, you need something to keep your food and drinks cool.

Trash Bag
You don't have to be a scout to obey the "cleaner than you found it" law of leaving your picnic spot. Tuck a trash bag into your basket so that every piece of trash makes it with you. In case of sudden summer storms, garbage bags can also act as rain ponchos, or if cut open, can lie under your blanket to prevent damp grass from seeping through.

It's a memory for the scrapbook to get out on a picnic outing, so charge your phone or bring your camera for an afternoon of photographs. Grab an instant camera if you want to be nostalgic, which will allow you to print keepsakes on the fly. Consider packing a portable charger if you're stuck with your phone to make sure you never run out of battery.

First Aid
A first aid kit is a must, whether your picnic requires a walk in the woods or just a day at the local park. Instead of being painful, simple supplies such as bandages, aspirin, and hydrocortisone creams will make an eventful day enjoyable.

Picnic destinations that have chairs or tables offered are easy to opt for, but seating can be limited on a beautiful day. For both seating and spreading your lunch food, don't forget to bring a blanket along. Make sure that you've got enough space for everybody. According to a study after a large lunch, 9 square feet of blanket space per person leaves a perfect space to spread out.

Keep Bottled Beverages
Making a large sweet tea (or sangria) pitcher seems like a convenient way to share drinks, but a better choice is to make bottled drinks. The need for individual cups is removed by small packaged drinks; one less item to prepare and wash later. Bottles serve as extra icepacks when frozen to keep heat-sensitive foods cold and are less likely to leak, unlike pitchers.

Lunching outside is a perfect chance to enjoy warm breezes and sunny views, but your skin will catch up with all that outside time. By packing sunscreen, make your picnic one remember for the pleasure, not the sunburns. The effect of UV rays can be minimized during lunch under an umbrella or tree, and skin damage in the shade is still possible.

A tiny knife, used to spread mayo or pry open a bottle of wine if you fail to pack a corkscrew, can be one of the most useful items in a picnic basket. Plus, at your picnic destination (instead of beforehand), slicing fruit or cutting sandwiches will help keep foods fresh despite sweltering heat or sun. For packing away in your basket, small blades that fold or come with sheaths are best.