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Types of the character of a person description main features and qualities persons character in life by behavior

Types of the character of a person description main features and qualities persons character in life by behavior

A person's character depends on his/her way of communication, behavior, and many more. Every person owns a unique personality. Despite this, knowing the types of character will help you find the right approach to a person, predict his reaction, behavior, and communication in a given situation. In today's article, you will find useful information about human characters and how to correctly define them.

The meaning of a person's character
Character is a stable structure of mental properties that predetermine a person's behavior, life goals, reaction communication. The value of character is difficult to overestimate. It is he who is decisive in the construction of fate, choice, and freedom of a person. In psychology, a person's character is considered an individual combination of certain personality traits. The set of qualities determines the attitude of an individual to the entire environment, which is manifested in the actions and behavior of a person.

Character in a person's life means a lot. Knowledge of the typological picture of characters is necessary not only to build communication with the chosen person but also to anticipate his goals and possible reaction. This is important, for example, when applying for a job, when the candidate is assessed from all sides. With a Personality generator, check which character suits you better.

Types of human character
The character of a person has been studied from all sides for a long time. The long-term study, which was passed from generation to generation among scientists, made it possible to deduce typological pictures. Of course, different schools of thought provide a different list of human characters. There are a huge number of classifications, or, more precisely, attempts to classify all knowledge about a person's character into a single system.

Unfortunately, none of them can be called deep and effective. Since the individuality of a person is not laid down at birth but is acquired with age with the accumulation of experience, life situations, serious decisions, etc. However, it is customary to rely on several typologies. They are considered the most faithful, holistic and encompass a large number of characteristics. Some people got their nicknames, monikers according to their personality. You can also try the nickname generator and see if any names suit you or your loved ones better. We have described the types of human personalities below.

Types of human character: types of character by the physique
The famous German psychologist E. Kretschmer formulated his vision of human character types, based on the external data of the individual, namely, on the physique.

Picnic type (cyclothymic)

Translated from Greek "picnic" means a fat, plump man. According to the teachings of Kretschmer, picnics are people prone to obesity, of average height with a large head, a short neck, and a wide face with small features.

This type is characterized by the following character traits:





cheerful disposition, etc.

As a rule, with mental disorders, picnics are prone to manic-depressive psychosis.

Athletic type (exotics)

Athletic type is characteristic of athletes, in particular, wrestlers. These are tall people with well-developed strong muscles, broad shoulders, a strong skeleton, and a powerful chest.

Character traits are determined by the following traits:


calm disposition,




poor adaptability, etc.

Athletes generally don't like change. Mental disorders in people of this type are often accompanied by epileptic seizures.

Asthenic type (schizothymia)

People of the asthenic type are thin, have poorly developed muscles, long limbs, a flat chest, and an elongated face.

Aesthetics are characterized by the following qualities:




poor adaptation to new life circumstances,

gloominess, etc.

With mental disorders, aesthetics are prone to schizophrenia.

Of course, Kretschmer's classification of human characters is quite "tough". Therefore, it cannot be said that a person of a particular physique will necessarily have the listed character traits. In addition to external data, you also need to rely on other indicators. The positive or negative character of a person does not depend solely on his external structure.

Human character groups: Jung's classification
Perhaps the most famous classification of human character types belongs to the Swiss psychiatrist K. Jung. The scientist developed his typological picture based on the dominant mental functions of the individual. Its classification is based on a person's belonging to the inner or outer world. Character groups include only two classifications: introverted and extroverted type.

Introvert The introverted type is characterized by isolation, “withdrawal into oneself”. At the same time, a person is fenced off from the outside world, carefully analyzes his actions, behavior, and events, often suspecting everyone of contradictory actions. Introverts have few friends because they find it difficult to open up and connect with others. Such people are often lonely, but this does not bother them. Introverts love resilience and are hard on change. These are very suspicious people with an increased degree of anxiety. Introverts love to delve into themselves, indulge their own feelings, and monitor their health.

Extrovert People of the extroverted type are characterized by openness, directness, and extreme sociability. They are active both in life and in communication. Extroverts have many friends and a large social circle. Loneliness is not well tolerated. Extroverts love to travel, be a taste of all events, and have an active life position. Few are interested in their own health. Extroverts often become the life of the company, initiate meetings and parties that they love to plan. In everyday life, they are guided by subjective opinions, and not by circumstances.

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