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Printing on the cardboard boxes not only protects the material inside by hiding it but also helps the manufacturer do the branding. To stand out, a brand is required to use different strategies for creating unique boxes. 

These days, it has become crucial for an e-commerce business to use different printing strategies that can help them win over its customers.  Customers get excited when they find the required product in attractive packaging. It is the responsibility of the brand to induce this excitement in customers so that they can purchase more and more products. 

A brand is not just required to use unique printing on the custom boxes. Rather, it is also needed that it uses unique printing on every unique box. This requires lots of design ideas and creativity. In this article, we will discuss all those unique ways in which a brand can create its designs with the help of custom box printing.


  • Nearly 30% of the brands like to use printing on their cardboard boxes to capture the attention of the customers. 
  • Almost any type of printing technique and strategy can be used to print the boxes used for packaging by a brand. In addition to it, a brand can also print whatever it wants. 
  • There are lots of cushioning qualities in the Cardboard boxes due to which they are capable of withstanding the external pressure that they might face while getting shipped from source to destination 
  • There is very less energy used when these boxes are prepared and then transferred to people who purchase them as compared to the amount of energy that is used when other types of boxes are used. 

You might not be an expert in designing the packaging box. However, you can choose the design if you are well-aware of lots of details. The graphic design on the covering box can make a business grow. It is up to the manufacturer that what kind of design he wants to incorporate into the design of the cardboard. There are different design ideas available on the internet. When it comes to designing the cardboard box, there is a need to consider the interior as well as the exterior design of the card. If you want to make it fun for your customer to unbox the product you are selling, there are different design choices you can take into account. 

One of the best things that come with custom box printing is that it allows the user to show his artwork on the boxes. If you are good at designing things, you can either choose a 3D design or a flat design template. Choosing a 3D design is recommended if you can afford it as it might get a little expensive. However, if you choose a divine design, you will be able to take control over the font, colour scheme and many other factors of the design.

If you are designing the cardboard at home with custom box printing, you should make sure that you are following the standards set in the printing industry. If you don’t follow those standards, you will either not be able to get your boxes printed or you might not be able to satisfy your customers. 

Choosing the text and font style to be demonstrated on the packaging box is not easy. There are lots of printing complications that often arise due to not choosing the text and font style cautiously. For example, if you use a light colour text on the dark background, the font will look emboldened. In case you don’t want emboldened text, you will not be able to get the desired result. Similarly, if you choose the dark font on the dark background, your text on the packaging box will completely disappear. When you have to choose the text, you should remember the following tips:

  • Printing on the cardboard boxes requires you to make sure that the size of the text is not small than 10 pt. Printing the text smaller than that will not be readable as the printing ink will give the illusion of the ink of each letter getting merged
  • If you are printing the name of your company on the box, try to keep the size the same on all type of packaging. There is no need to go for different sizes.

Custom printing on packaging boxes needs you to choose colours prudently. If you don’t do it right, the colours after printing will not be as appealing as you thought they would be. The printing on the cardboard packaging is usually done with the help of the computer that uses all the colours which are a combination of red, green and blue colours. These colours usually don’t look too good after printing. Therefore, the colour combination of printing ink should be considered. The ink of the printer uses all the colours which are formed by the combination of Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow. If you use this colour combination, the printing ink will show them on the packaging well. This will result in a desirable colour combination on the packaging. 

There are three different types of printing on the corrugated boxes: digital, direct, Lithographic. Which type of printing you should use completely depends on your needs. For example, if you need to get the printing in bulk, you should go for direct printing. If you have detailed artwork on your packaging such as photographs, then you should choose the lithographic printing technique. If you don’t want to miss out on any colour when you print any kind of design on your packaging boxes, you must choose the direct printing technique.