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Which Services in Florida Requires a Contractor's License

Which Services in Florida Requires a Contractor's License

If you are working as a contractor in Florida, getting a license is a must to do your job without any problems. The state is strict when it comes to allowing you to do some work.

Individuals without a license can’t perform certain types of work normally reserved for licensed contractors alone. For example, it is considered illegal when an unlicensed contractor does structural or remodeling work.

Additionally, plumbing work is impossible without a Florida contractor's license. You will not even be allowed to install a dishwasher. So, here’s a breakdown of which services require a contractor’s license in Florida to keep you going.

Carport Work
A general contractor's license in Florida is a must if you have to put a carport at the driveway’s end. However, there is no requirement for a contractor's license anywhere in Florida if you are just building the driveway.

Barn Work
It’s necessary to have a Florida contract license to do any barn work. The only exception is when you only put in a prefabricated tool shed of not more than 250 square feet.

Plumbing Work
It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing work you are doing, it will be illegal without having a Florida contractor's license. So, avoid trying to fit or replace a heater and install a dishwasher. As a handyman, only jobs like fitting a water filter to a faucet are allowed.

Construction Work
Every construction-related job like roof work, removing load-bearing walls or foundations, or putting down flooring will strictly demand a Florida contractor's license. On the other hand, there is no need for a contractor's right to set up drywall, irrespective of its structure.

Electrical Work
Never try to do every electrical job anywhere in Florida. Take the contractor's license test before proceeding with them. This is because you can’t fit an air conditioning unit with limited wiring and structural work. A simple fix of a plug to an air conditioning unit is allowed.

Other than that, you can change air conditioner filters and clean the ducts without a license. But in case you have to pull out the air grills, the license again becomes a must-have thing.

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