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10 Exciting Headphones and Earphones Trends 2021

10 Exciting Headphones and Earphones Trends 2021

New headphones and earphones are released all the time to improve sound quality and the user’s experience. There is probably more out there than the hair on your head. However, not every one of them is of the same quality. Esource Parts provides the trendiest earphones and headphones in Canada. It is so because they offer great value for the money you pitch in. There are innumerable options to choose from in 2021. Despite the countless options, Esource Parts aims to come up with the most desirable.

Universal High-Quality In-Ear Headphone
Listening to songs and playing games couldn't get any better. These earphones from Canada have a premium build quality that ensures it and comes with three earplug models for a tight fit. Moreover, the exceptional quality bass makes these earphones one of the best for sports and listening to casual music. The headset comes with volume and mic control to make your overall experience more convenient.

USB Type C Digital Signal in Ear Style Wired Earphone
These are another trendy pair of earphones in Canada. The ergonomic design of the earphones provides a comfortable fit in the ear. A small magnet built into the back of the earbuds prevents them from tangling up. Furthermore, the type-C connector offers broad frequency active noise cancellation that guarantees no disturbances while you play music. The built-in mic offers a great outlet to talk from when you have to call someone.

G9000 LED Light 3.5mm Gaming Headphone
Music isn't the only reason you purchase a headset. For all the gaming fanatics out there, these headphones from Canada are a great buy. A highly accurate 40mm driver on the headphone makes it capable of a vivid sound field compatible with various games. The durable design and high-quality cushions provide a shock feeling in the sound. Moreover, the optimization for gaming makes these headphones efficient at canceling noise.

Alcatel One Touch BH50
These earphones are wireless and pair up with your device via Bluetooth 3.0. Universal compatibility means it is usable with any device. Also, it has Voice Prompt Multi Connection that lets you pair up with two devices simultaneously. The dual-mic and smart audio noise cancellation couples into a good experience when you're on call.

Xiaomi TWSEJ04LS Redmi Airdots
The Redmi Airdots comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that makes pairing up faster and more stable. A dynamic 2mm drive and DSP intelligent ambient noise reduction ensure that you get great music and calling experience. Furthermore, the IPX4 waterproofing prevents your earphones from ever getting into harm's way. A 40mAh earphone battery and a 300mAh charging case meet your daily requirements.

Apple Lightning Headphones
These apple earphones from Canada offer one of the crispiest sounds you may have ever heard from a headset. The built-in remote and microphone allow you to answer calls, play music and adjust the volume. Into the bargain, the speakers inside have been designed to maximize the sound quality. You can easily purchase the apple earphones in Canada because of their affordable price point.

Braven BFSGR Wireless Bluetooth Headset
This headset comes with USB Type-C charging to guarantee you don't ever run out of juice. The IPX5 sweat and water resistance keeps your earphones protected at all times. The Bluetooth connection lasts up to 33 meters to make sure you don't ever go out of range. The automatic plug-and-play feature of the headset is compatible with all devices.

Glow in-Ear Headphones
The Glow earphones have advanced laser technology that pulsates to the music you play. A premium audio driver and a 5-way controller give you control over music and voice commands clearly and crisply. Moreover, the headset comes with a non-glowing mode with which you can save up on battery life.

Motorola Boom 2
This Motorola Boom 2 is a wireless headset packed with Bluetooth 5.0. It comes with dual-mic noise-canceling technology, and HD audio quality ensures a clear sound. Call clarity is a guarantee of up to 300ft. These earphones are comfortable for long periods of use and can last up to 7 whole hours.

Delton Bluetooth Wireless Headset
These headphones from Canada include Multi-Point Technology that allows you to pair up with two devices concurrently. The 4X noise-canceling technology and A2DP offers a crystal clear sound, even in rowdy surroundings. A talk time of 18 hours and a standby time of 220 hours means you won't have to worry about the battery running out of juice. It is universally compatible as it can pair up with any Bluetooth device.

Final Thoughts
To sum up, wireless technology has observed substantial growth over the years and continues doing so due to its comfort to the consumers. Several industry competitors are busy launching new wireless headsets each year that come with unique features every time- to provide a better listening experience to its users. There is a great deal of variety to choose from when you're buying new headphones or earphones. Additionally, this wireless technology is available online across many e-commerce websites that offer a broad range of products to help you make the right choice. Esource Parts always provides the best out of all the headsets that are popular in the market. If you need a new headset and you're on the online market, be sure to check out Esource Part's 2021 collection now.

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