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Hava Taxi App Clone Launch Your Own On demand Taxi Hailing App In Kenya

Hava Taxi App Clone Launch Your Own On demand Taxi Hailing App In Kenya

The taxi-hailing app services have witnessed a huge growth post-pandemic. A brand like “Hava Taxi” ride-booking services in Kenya is now an established name that has promoted several entrepreneurs to develop Hava Taxi clone on-demand taxi-hailing business in Kenya.

If you are looking to make one of the Hava taxi demand apps in Kenya, you are on the right page. The on-demand industry is attractive – in fact, it has boosted the business revenue globally catering to the people’s demands right at the doorstep. So, it is quite natural for any entrepreneur to get tempted by the online taxi-hailing business.

A Quick Glance Towards Statistics Of On-demand Taxi Industry
The revenue generation of the on-demand taxi-hailing booking business has registered 20% of the annual growth in the present year.

The market volume is predicted to cross the US $318,765 million by the year 2023

Cheaper taxi fares and quick bookings are the primary reasons to establish the taxi booking app in the on-demand business

Features To Integrate Into Hava Taxi Clone App
Replicating an app doesn’t mean you have to copy it. Your Hava taxi app clone will not succeed just because it a successful business model, it will stand ahead when it is integrated with the customized features.

Quick bookings
Your app shouldn’t feel like rocket science. It should be easy, quick, and convenient for the person to book a taxi. Complete the entire process within 3-4 steps.

Real-time tracking
It is the must-have features that allow the user to track the driver, providing estimated time to reach the destination

In-app chat
It allows you to chat the riders with the drivers and vis-à-vis, for any queries or concerns regarding pickup location, etc.

In-app payments
This allows the user to pay through secure multiple payment getaways making it easy to book the taxi ride hassle-free.

The feature sends updates to the users about their booking confirmation, estimated arrival time, exclusive deals and discounts, as well as other important information.

Dynamic App Panels That Makes Your Hava App Clone Operations Smoother
Your Hava app taxi booking clone solution will have 3 primary panels namely:

User panel
This will be the main panel available on both iOS and Android platforms. The panel provides user-related features such as:

  • Social media login
  • Search bar for fill pickup and drop location
  • Book history
  • Confirm ride / cancel ride
  • Real-time tracking
  • Payment
  • In-app chat
  • Feedback/ratings

Driver panel

  • Social media login
  • Profile management
  • Confirm ride/ cancellation
  • Number of hours worked
  • In-app chat facility
  • Daily earning
  • Ratings/feedback

Admin panel

  • Profile management
  • Administering the fares and locations
  • Booking management
  • Track of daily earnings
  • Driver payoffs
  • Commission management
  • Driver & passenger –ratings and reviews
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Notification management

Finding An On-demand App Development Company
While looking for an on-demand app company, it is important to have your research done ahead of when you sit to discuss your concept with your developers. The team will be providing you with a white-label scalable on-demand Hava Taxi app clone so that you can customize the features accordingly, change the design, color, and logo as per your business brand.

With at least 1000+ apps successfully launched in the Play Store/App store and years of experience in developing on-demand apps in various niches, the app development company is good to hire.

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