September 25, 2023


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Essential elements of an HRMS software

Essential elements of an HRMS software

HRMS, abbreviated with the human resource management system comprehends all the functions that execute an employee’s life cycle. As stated by 60% of the organizations, the employees working for the organization have been notified of an enhanced satisfaction which has resulted in increased productivity of the organization. It goes without saying, that these statistics have motivated the organization to opt for a web-based application, be it payroll management software or HRMS software. Many organizations have considered options for HRMS software to enhance the efficiency of the human resource management team. But the organization needs to be aware of the features an HRMS software should be equipped with to ensure smooth functioning.

Let’s take a look at few such essential elements that play an imperative role in the functioning of the human resource management team:

Workforce management
Human resource management is responsible to take care of the number of employees working for an organization. It manages the employees working, number of employees on leave and keeps a tab on the productivity of the employees. HRMS software saves the HRM from managing data on huge spreadsheets diminishing the probability of errors. The web-based application allows the employee to update his/her own attendance and apply for leave or vacations using the HRMS portal. This feature enhances the efficiency of time management and empowers the employee to manage their own productivity.

Recruitment and onboarding
The number of employees increases according to the growth of the organization. Recruitment begins with the posting job description on portals like Naukri The HRMS software assists in screening the applications by the required qualification. It decreases the workload of the HR as it notifies him/her about the eligible candidates to schedule interviews and scale one candidate compatible to assign the responsibilities of the organization. The onboarding process begins with the acceptance of the offer letter. The offer letter includes the CTC amount, terms and policies of the organization, and a brief introduction of the key responsible areas along with the designation of the employee.

Benefits administration
Each organization has its own set of rules and policies to reward the employee. The web-based application allows empowers the employee to claim benefits rewarded by the organization based on the employee's journey in the organization and his/her performance. It builds a bridge of trust between the employee and the employer as the employee is assured that the decisions made on appraisals and promotions taken by the administration are unbiased. It assists the employer to scale the performance of the employees on the basis of data upgraded by the application.

Time and attendance management
Management of employees comprehends attendance management, number of hours the employee has worked, punch in and punch out time, overtime tracker, time report, etc. It becomes a tedious job to manage each employee's clock in and out time and attendance of the employee on a spreadsheet. Huge files incorporated with a daily feed not only increase the workload of the human resource management team but also increases the risk of error. Web-based application automated the attendance management software. It empowers the employee to update the attendance minimizing the workload of the employee. This empowers the employee to manage his/her own attendance and ensure he/she has received the amount against the services rendered.

These are some of the key areas a human resource management function revolves around. Each of these functions, if mishandled, may have grave consequences for the organization and its employee. So it is essential for the HRMS software to be aware and be well equipped with the functioning of these features to minimize the risk of error. A minimized risk of error, and decreased workload is the motivation for the HRM to aim for further steps for the growth of the organization.

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