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A Guide to Applying for GIIS Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

A Guide to Applying for GIIS Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship

GIIS Tokyo is a center for educational excellence, from individual-based curricula to high education standards to training your child to be a responsible citizen. Moreover, your child learns how to adapt to different cultures, thus, preparing your child to live in any part of the world. This way, GIIS consistently ranks high in education globally.

And one way to make this and other successes is by offering financial support to bright students. For instance, GIIS Tokyo offers various scholarships to ensure meritorious students from all walks of life receive a quality education. The scholarships support children from all levels, including primary, secondary, and high school students.

One of these well-known scholarships is GIIS Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship, among other scholarships like the 9-GEMS Holistic scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship, and Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship. In this post, let's look at the Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship and directives for applying for the scholarship.

Why Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship
The scholarship financially supports meritorious students in their academics to study at a reputable campus of their own choice. Additionally, it prepares students for international university placement. However, the scholarship slots are limited. Therefore, you should follow specific guidelines before applying if you would like your child to benefit from the scholarship, as you will see later in this post.

Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship comes with up to a 25 percent waiver on tuition fee—more on this on eligibility.

Eligibility and Scholarship Categories
Talking of Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship, it is categorized into various categories. The scholarship administrators chose the scholarship beneficiaries based on what each category demands. The scholarship categories similarly determine the percent waiver your child qualifies to get.

Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship Categories
The category your child fits in if qualified to win the Global Future Merit Scholarship includes the applicable:

  • Curricula.
  • Grades.

The two majorly determine the category that suits your child. So, what are these categories?

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IDBP) Scholarships for Year 1-2
Global future-ready scholarship for year one and two support international baccalaureate diploma programs (IBDP) and central board of secondary education (CBSE) students. Also known as grade 11-12, under these grades and programs, three Tokyo Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship categories have a two-year tenure each:

For curricula IBDP and CBSE

Category A
The category is eligible for students from CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, and other boards who scored 95.01 percent in their past two years. In case your child is an IGCSE and GCSE “O” level student, he is similarly eligible to apply for category A if he attained “A” plus in nine subjects.

The category comes with a 25 percent waiver on tuition fees.

Category B
Unlike category A, B comes with a 15 percent waiver on tuition fees. To win this scholarship category, however, your child should meet the eligibility criterion. Your child should score 90.0-95.0 percent on CBSE, ICSE, State Board, and other board students. If an IGCSE or GCSE "O" Level student, he should attain an "A" plus in eight subjects.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Cambridge’s International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Grades 9-10

Under this level, global future-ready merit scholarship has four categories:

Category A
In this category, IGCSE and GCSE "O" level students should attain an "A" plus in nine subjects. For CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, and other boards qualify for this scholarship if they score 95.01 percent. And in case your child wins a scholarship in this category, you will pay 12 percent less on tuition fees.

Category B
Comes with a 12 percent waiver on tuition fee. All the same, your child should have attained a minimum of “A” plus in 8 subjects for “O” level student.

On the other hand, to win this category scholarship for ICSE, CBSE, State Board, or other board, your child should have had 94.01-95 percent in grade 7 and 8 exams.

Category C
On this, you win a nine percent waiver. But your child should prove to be academically fit by attaining 93.01-94 percent in the past two grades exams for either ICSE, CBSE, State Board, or other board. For an IGCSE and other board students, they should attain an "A" plus in seven subjects.

Category D
If your child wins this scholarship program, you receive a six percent tuition fee waiver. However, your child should meet the qualifications by meeting all the other requirements and attaining “A” in six subjects for IGCSE and other board exams.

For CBSE, ICSE, State board, and other board, you should have an academic record that proves your child garnered 91.0-93.0 percent in grades 7 and 8.

All these categories come with a two-year tenure.

Cambridge lower secondary program (CLSP) and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for Grades 7-8

This level has two categories, A and B.

Category A
For eligibility, your child should have attained a 95.01 percent and above in CBSE, ICSE, State board, and other board for grade 5 and 6 test and exam, respectively. For the case of IGCSE or GCSE "O" level students, your child should have garnered an "A" in nine subjects. When found qualified, your child will receive a six percent waiver on the tuition fee.

Category B
Category B for CLSP AND CBSE grades 7-8 has the least waiver on all the global future-ready merit scholarship categories and comes with a four percent waiver. However, your child has to provide an academic report showing qualifications to vie for this category scholarship.

First, your child should have scored an "A" plus in eight subjects for IGCSE or GCSE "O" levels or 94.01-95 percent if a CBSE, ICSE, State board, and other board students.

Disbursal Criteria for All the GIIS Tokyo Scholarship Categories for All the Curricula

  • To apply for either category of the global future-ready merit scholarship in Tokyo, you similarly need to meet the following:
  • Permanently reside in japan or be a dependent pass holder.
  • Have academic records for the past two years.
  • During application, ensure you:
  • Submit the application document.
  • Fill in all the needed information and proofread.
  • Upload all the necessary documents, including:
  • Academic records.
  • Latest family income and tax statement.
  • If one of the family members, like the significant other, is jobless, you should present a tax exemption certificate.

To sum it up, all the categories share certain scholarship disbursal criteria, and the process is also the same in all the categories. On the same note, you should prepare your child for a scholarship assessment as the scholarship board at times may ask your child to take an assessment to prove him more qualified.

At other times, the scholarship board may also demand a one-on-one interview for your child. Therefore, you should prepare him in advance to increase the chances that your child wins one of these scholarship categories.

If your child qualifies on either scholarship category your child applied for, you will be updated via your email address you issued to the scholarship board during application.

By supporting students from all walks of life with various scholarships, GIIS ensures students maintain high performance and ensure they meet their dreams. One of the many scholarships GIIS offers is the Global FUTURE-READY Merit scholarship that targets limited bright students. And, with little guidance, your child will automatically win a slot on the scholarship.

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