January 24, 2022


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With regards to normal hair tone, henna hair color is likely the most secure type of hair color you can utilize. It even has some solid advantages for your hair!

In the wake of posting these Things, You Should Know Before Using Henna Hair Dye, a typical inquiry I get is the way henna hair color works for covering silver hairs. Considering the way that I work all day and have two children… I've certainly procured a couple of silver hairs. In this way, I figured I would give it a shot myself and report back.

Before you jump into utilizing henna color on your hair, it's imperative to realize that not all brands are made equivalent. Not long after I had a go at utilizing henna hair color unexpectedly, I had a beautician reveal to me that I was unable to utilize lasting colors on my hair until the henna hair dye became out, because some henna brands utilize substance added substances that can really "consume" your hair when you utilize compound colors over them.

Fortunately, that is not the situation with Morrocco Method's henna hair colors, because their hair tones are made with 100% unadulterated plant color. There are no synthetic substances, metallic salts, or PPD added. They actually suggest holding up 6 to two months in the wake of passing on your hair before utilizing henna hair color, to permit your hair to detox from the compound colors.

You may likewise need to stand by 6 two months AFTER passing on your hair with henna before endeavoring to utilize substance colors once more because the outcomes could be capricious. Plant colors don't lift effectively off of your mind and the compound shading will blur quicker because henna makes your hair less permeable and retentive.

Consider henna lasting hair color, to make sure you understand what sort of responsibility you are making.

After conversing with the people at Morrocco Method about my beforehand awful experience utilizing henna hair color, they were super-useful in showing me how to appropriately conceal silver hairs (and even features) utilizing 100% regular henna hair color. On the off chance that you'll review, last time I colored my hair with an alternate brand, my blondie features turned brilliant orange, so my hair didn't glance even in shading. (I was expecting an all the more even earthy colored tone at that point.)

This time, I did it the correct way, and I'm too satisfied with the outcomes.

Before attempting this hair color, I had features added to my hair for a wedding (I was a bridesmaid, so loads of photographs!), and the beautician stripped out excessively much tone from my hair if you were to ask me.

Along these lines, this hair color test was amazing planning, since I needed to perceive how much the henna could level out my hair tone and conceal the strands that had next to no tone to them. (I have a couple of genuine silver hairs around my scalp territory, as well.)

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