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Sparkling Temples in Australia to experience Spiritual World

Sparkling Temples in Australia to experience Spiritual World

From spiritual realms to magnificent locations, from sacred worships to beautiful sites, Australia has many temples, you must not miss on your trip there.

When you hear Australia’s name, you will think of the charming coastline, sweet koalas, modern, stylish driveways, and pure blue water. Australia is unusual and unexpected, which is why you will eventually reach some of the most beautiful and respected temples in Australia. Australia is the smallest continent in the world and one of the largest countries in the world. It has a rich culture so that you will find many temples here. Australia has many beautiful temples, and you can actually enter the spiritual world. Below is a list of temples that must be visited in Australia.

Australia's glittering temples connect you to the spiritual world.

Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Indian Temple
Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple is one of Australia's most famous Hindu temples. It is a sacred temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Here you should visit the place to keep in touch with the spiritual world. Located in the Melbourne Basin, the temple is the first Hindu temple in Melbourne's history. Many devotees come here regularly to worship and seek blessings for their beloved gods.

Brisbane Australian Mormon Temple
If we are talking about the Mormon Temple in Australia, and we are not mentioning the famous Brisbane Australian Temple, are we even talking about the Mormon Temple? The temple serves Latter-day Saints in Queensland and northern New South Wales and is considered sacred. The outer wall of this 10,700 square-foot temple is made of light gray granite and is a must-see attraction.

Late Church of Jesus Christ
The Perth Australian Temple is another prominent Mormon temple in Australia. It has a magnificent and radiant atmosphere. The temple assists more than 12,000 followers in the area and surrounding areas. It is the fourth temple built in Australia and covers an area of ​​2.76 acres or 10,700 square feet. The exterior of the temple is made of white granite and looks impressive. Spending some time here will make you live in peace with yourself and the world and be full of happiness.

Sri Sarbat Harsa Sahib Gurdwara Adelaide
Gurudwara Sri Sarbat Khalsa Sahib is another famous and essential Sikh temple in Australia. It was opened to the Sikh community in 2009 to encourage and promote cultural and religious activities among Sikhs. In Adelaide, the Sikh temple welcomes and embraces people from all religions; this Gurdwara itself is a miracle. There will be "Langar" Sewa at different times every day, and you will notice the changes in dishes every time you eat. Make American Airlines Reservations to visit here and enjoy the peace of mind.

Temple of the Queen of Heaven
The Empress Heavenly Queen Chinese temple, also known as "Mazu,” is one of Australia's most famous Chinese temples, only a 5-minute drive from Melbourne. This place enjoys an excellent location and is built along the Maribyrnong River. It is said that the construction of this temple will continue until the end of this year. However, the main hall of the temple was opened to civilians in 2015.

Visnu Siva Mandir
Located in Mawson, this temple helps people to engage in spiritual activities. The temple also has a library for people to read and learn about culture and religion. The Mandir Society of Australia maintains the temple. All festivals related to Hinduism are organized here. This temple enshrines Lord Shiva and Vishnu, two famous Hindu gods, and is the largest Hindu temple in Victoria. Worship is carried out following Hindu traditions and is a sight worth seeing. Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple is one of Australia’s most important Hindu temples, where you will find the ultimate peace. This temple of Dravidian architecture is composed of two streams.

Brisbane Sikh Temple
Although there are not many Sikh temples in Australia, they are all worth it. Sikhism is a religion that preaches spirituality. Your humility and friendliness are regarded as your virtues, and when you visit the Sikh temple in Brisbane, you will see the same. Although gurudwara’s construction process started in April 1988, it took eight months to complete, and the temple was built in December 1988.

Nantian Chinese Temple
Nantian Temple is one of Australia's largest Chinese Buddhist temples and one of Australia's holiest sights. Nan Tien means "Southern Heaven'' in Chinese, and this temple is heavenly. This temple was built in 1995 under the supervision of For Guang Shan, a Mahayana Buddhist organization, and its followers call its philosophy "Humanistic Buddhism."

If you ask how about the number of temples in Australia, there will be too many answers. Each temple has its own importance and meaning. From Mormons to Sikhs, and many more of these other temples in Austria, you will find peace there and be connected with the spiritual realm. If you are excited and want to travel to Australia, check out these customizable options by Delta Airlines flight tickets and plan your trip.

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