September 25, 2023


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How asthma is causing distress among housewives and why

How asthma is causing distress among housewives and why

Housewives are more prone to diseases compared to the women who go out to work. This increased risk is caused by the lifestyle of the women who stay at home, as they are more likely exposed to kitchen smoke, less educated about prevention methods, and more stressed. To be preventive women suffering from asthma should keep asthma inhalers with them while working as well as Duolin inhalers and Asthalin inhalers for reversible obstructive airway disease. These inhalers are very easy to order from Arrowmeds.

There are many reasons which cause asthma in housewives because they are not very much preventive while working in some conditions, and also maintaining a normal or a balanced diet, which again makes them more prone to such diseases. Lack of proper diet can result in a deficiency of calcium causing low immunity to resist diseases like asthma. Calcium deficiency is the prime cause for women working as housewives to get suffering from asthma.

Calcium is a vital element for a person's body especially for bones and also for smooth airway muscle contraction and mast cell secretion.

KITCHEN SMOKE - As compared to other women who got out to work, more than 50% of the women who work as housewives are less educated. They do not know that simply cooking can trigger a deadly and harmful disease like asthma or any other breathing or respiratory problems. The sole reason for this triggering is that any kind of burning or combustion produces harmful gases and particles which give rise to such diseases and provoke other respiratory problems. And as cooking is also a form of combustion it emits gases and particles which are small enough to travel into the respiratory airways and the lungs causing breathing irregularities and asthma. Gases like co2 and NO2 can also trigger asthma symptoms.

PET HAIRS - Pets are usually not a triggering agent for asthma but women specially housewive having few symptoms of asthma shall stay away from their pets because pet skin, salvia, and even urine are allergens to some allergenic people and can boost the symptoms, even more, make it worse than before. Lots of pets can trigger allergic symptoms of the harmful disease asthma, cats, dogs, horses, even rabbits, hamsters, mice, and birds can also be the reason. Keeping an inhaler is very important so always try to keep either Duolin inhalers or Asthalin inhalers which can be easily available at Arrowmeds.

DIRT&DUST - dirt or dust is one of the main components or the very common triggering agent for allergies and as well as asthma symptoms. Dust mites are very much responsible for boosting the symptoms. These tiny insects live in the dust particles and naturally gather in our homes especially in the corners, under the bed, unwashed and dirty clothes as well. Women while working in these conditions with these allergens are more likely to get an asthma attack, symptoms, and other dust-related problems which make their life irregular and an uneasy environment to work in.

When women or homemakers are exposed to such conditions, have low immunity to resist these allergens. Especially when housewives already have asthma, their airways are always inflamed and much more sensitive than normal symptoms showing women. And in return when they come in contact with the triggers the airways get more inflamed, mucus makes a blockage and the symptoms get more worsened. There are higher risks of getting an asthma attack right after getting exposed to such triggers or even after several days or weeks the risks or the chances are higher.

If a person is having asthma, he/she needs to cut off from exposure to the triggering agents. You should always keep a track of the symptoms in an asthma record book periodically for several weeks. It is important to note down the detailed information on self-analysis as well as the number of asthma attacks that occurred and everything which could be written down.

Follow regular checkups and doctoral guidance or advice on asthma treatment usually by using asthma inhalers, Duolin inhalers, or Asthalin inhalers. Using inhalers is very necessary for an asthma patient so always order them or buy them from a reliable place like Arrowmeds. It prevents attacks and reduces swelling and mucus in the airways.

Regular breathing tests such as spirometry is done for measuring the airflow in and out of the lungs. In this test i.e., spirometry, the tapering of the bronchial tubes is checked by analyzing and observing the quantity of air one inhales and the speed of the respiration.

Peak Flow is also a test that can also be done to check the power of breathing in and out. If the flow reading is irregular and not common as usual, it means there may be a lung problem.

Asthma treatment may involve breathing exercises, rescue, or first aid treatments, and asthma control medications for a long period of time. All the exercises and medications which are appropriate is decided by the doctor after performing all the required test and observations.

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