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Things to Know About Hearing Loss in Children

Things to Know About Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss can be a big challenge for growing children. It can be really challenging for them. The hearing loss may be temporary or permanent in children depending upon the cause of it. With the right treatment, a child can overcome the issue. It is mostly not a hereditary issue and a child who has hearing issues can be born to normal parents.

Most children with hearing loss are born to parents with normal hearing. That means the entire family may have a lot to learn about living with the condition.

The hearing loss can be diagnosed at the time of birth or you may find it out at a later stage. But it is important to go for the right treatment as soon as possible and to start with it you can see some of the best hospitals in Noida.

What are the symptoms that a child may have

  • Some early signs of hearing loss include:
  • A child would give no response to loud noise
  • A child would give no response to any sound
  • The language may appear to be delayed which would have appeared normal initially.
  • Listening to sounds, music, or watching TV at a higher volume than is required
  • Unable to hear on the phone
  • Your child may face problems with background noise
  • He/she may have difficulty in understanding or finding out the sound sources.
  • Do not reply when you talk to them
  • Your child may ask you to repeat yourself while talking
  • Your child may appear inattentive or aloof
  • Your child may have difficulty hearing low sounds

Symptoms that you see in small babies

  • Do not respond or get disturbed by a loud sound
  • May respond to some sound and not to some
  • May not notice when you call their name
  • Do not respond to voices
  • Do not utter identifiable words by 15 months

Consult the doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms in your child.
As soon as a baby is born many hospitals test them to diagnose hearing loss. If somebody has a family history of deafness then the hospitals check these children on an urgent basis. Even if the test is not conducted then check with the pediatrician or hospital to find out if your child has undergone a test and get it done as soon as possible if it has not been done.

Some of the causes that become the major concern behind hearing loss are given below.

Otitis media. It is an infection that happened in the middle ear that takes place in young children. The tubes called Eustachian connecting the middle ear to the nose aren’t fully formed in the case of young children. Behind the eardrum, the fluid builds up causing infection and the fluid can affect hearing if it stays there. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent loss of hearing.

Problems at birth. Some children are born with hearing issues that can be hereditary or can happen during pregnancy if the woman has diabetes or preeclampsia or from prenatal care. A premature baby can also be at risk.

Illness or injury. meningitis, encephalitis, measles, chickenpox, and the flu can be the cause of hearing loss in young children. Apart from that, injury in the head, very loud noises, and reactions to some medications can also cause deafness.

Some measures that can be taken if your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss

  • When talking to your child maintain eye contact
  • Tap your child softly to get his/her attention before speaking.
  • Do not try to get their attention by yelling at them.
  • Help your child to localize the sound
  • Give cues to make your child understand what you are saying.
  • Make the home more listening-friendly by reducing things that make unnecessary noise.
  • Do not have the television or radio on while talking to your child.
  • Do not give instructions from a distant place
  • If your child wears a hearing aid, make sure it is in working condition

Early hearing loss can affect the overall development of a child and the way the child learns a language so it is important that we start working on our child as soon as the problems get diagnosed and start treating it quickly.

The right treatment can only be given to a child if you understand the cause of her problem and an ENT doctor in Noida can help you with your problem.

The treatments that can be applied to a child are:

Medications: Your pediatrician or the expert of the field can prescribe you suitable medication to treat your child.

Surgery: This hearing issue can be corrected with the help of surgery if the r period.

Hearing aids: A hearing aid can make the sound audible as it makes the sound louder. These can be used by babies as small as 1-month-old. The doctor can give the right advice regarding it.

Implants: Many children and adults with chronic hearing issues get cochlear implants done in which electronic devices are inserted in the inner ear that helps the child with hearing.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids: This type of hearing aid can be considered suitable for children who are unable to wear hearing aid ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids.

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