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How to earn on stocks Real ways

How to earn on stocks Real ways

Trading stocks on the stock market is one of the most popular types of investments and earnings among both novice traders and experienced investors. The reason for this is not only a clear mechanism and high reliability of many instruments, but also a considerable quantity of ways of earning on the securities.

The easiest option is to buy stocks to receive dividend payments from the nikkei 225 list of companies, or other indices. Some companies pay dividends once a year, as well as issuers that make interim payments semi-annual, quarterly, etc. Strategies that involve reinvestment of dividends received work much more efficiently with such securities because funds are invested longer in earning assets.

Most nikkei 225 index and other companies make dividend payments 4 times a year (once a quarter). Management decides the amount of the payout and fixes the shareholders. This date is called the cutoff date, and it is known in advance to all shareholders because the company announces it in advance. You can buy shares for a few days to hit the cutoff date, then sell the shares immediately. You will receive the dividend payments in your brokerage account.

Buy and hold: earnings on Nikkei 225 chart analysis
This strategy is focused on increasing the value of the stock, and dividends are a secondary factor. The strategy gets its name from the fact that there are no stop orders as a phenomenon, and the only factor which determines the conditions for closing a position is time. It is necessary to evaluate the long-term prospects of the issuers and identify companies that can demonstrate growth over several years.

Portfolio investing in Dax index fond and others
A more serious way to make money in the stock market is to form and manage a portfolio of securities. This method implies diversification of investments by purchasing shares of several issuers, which allows to get an average level of profit, as well as to reduce risks of serious price falls, which are inherent to securities of each separate company.

Forming a portfolio involves selecting stocks that do not correlate themselves, i.e., belong to different industries. Such combinations are less susceptible to downturns and crises in individual sectors of the economy.

The choice of stocks is made according to their prospects. It is important to keep an eye on the Dax index live. In this case, if information appears, it negatively affects the trader's forecasts. Some components of the portfolio can be excluded or replaced. It can also be expanded as necessary, including reinvestment of dividends.

Trading based on published reports How the Dax Index Changes Live
Another popular stock market earner involves relatively short-term trades based on the publication of recent issuer financial statements.

All companies that trade their stock on the stock exchange are required to publicly disclose their financial statements. The data from the financial statements often gives rise to a powerful movement on the stock price chart, especially if the figures in it differ greatly from the predicted values.

Investing in Dax Index ETF: trading on the news
Another well-known way to make money on stock trading is strategies based on news releases about a company of interest. It can be a Dax index ETF or any other index. The way it works is as follows: an investor follows the information about the issuers he is interested in, published in open sources. If the news that can influence the price of the company's shares appears, the investor makes a deal with them.

The stock market, whatever you may say about it, is a place where transactions are made which involve high risk. That is why it is important to consider the rules and advice developed by its experienced participants who have experienced its volatile behavior firsthand.

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