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Important tips while choosing preschools in Ahmedabad

Important tips while choosing preschools in Ahmedabad

Children grow up very fast, and they are required to be sent to a preschool before we are even ready to make them understand how to interact with the new world. Ahmedabad offers a wide variety of preschools, and choosing the best-suited school for your children can be more difficult than what you might anticipate. This is the right time to begin your search, as the new session is going to start, and the schools will close the new admissions soon.

Some important tips while choosing a preschool in Ahmedabad are:

Security and safety: Safety is the most crucial concern of every parent. Children in preschool are too young to face new people around them and are tender to handle. A preschool must preferably be small in infrastructure so that the child does not feel lost. The school building should be more child-centric, with well-lit corridors, neat and clean washrooms with dedicated child-friendly attendants. Look for the safety features, and find about the credentials of the ancillary staff. How does a school handle pickups and drops, so that a child does not fall into the wrong hands, is an important safety measure to consider.

Location of the Preschool: Watch for a school near your residence, as it will minimize the time consumed while commuting to the school. Going to school is a new transition in a child's life where they have to spend a few hours away from their parents. Thus, the distance of the school plays a vital role in finalizing a preschool. Also, longer travel distances will make a child exhausted, and they will no more be energetic enough while joining their classes. Moreover, a clean, green, and natural school environment helps the children be more connected and learn better.

Know the teaching methodology: Preschools in Ahmedabad follow different teaching philosophies. Some schools are based on 'play-way' teaching techniques, while others may follow 'learning by doing' teaching techniques. Many schools focus more on extracurricular activities, while some concentrate on academics. So, while selecting a preschool, knowing the teaching methodology is also essential to provide a child with their individual learning choice.

Sleep, snacks, and space: Children are used to different patterns of naps and eating habits at their homes. At school, they have to accommodate and need to change their habits according to the school routine. So check beforehand for a school routine and watch for the following:

  • Will the child easily adopt the school routine
  • Does the school provide snacks?
  • Does the school provide particular places for napping and eating their meals

Attitude and staff qualification: It has to be kept in mind that the child will be away from their parents for the first time, and will be interacting with unknown persons. This replacement may affect their behavior, and they may find it tough to handle the new situation. Some good traits of the teachers can be listed as:

  • What type of disciplinary habits does the staff have
  • Is the staff pleasant while interacting with the children
  • Make a surprise visit to the school of your choice to know more about the staff's behavior.

The best guide while selecting a school will be the parents of the current year's children. At the time of the school admission process, take time out to ask various parents to know their views of a particular school. In the end, it's the gut feeling that will help you best while finalizing the perfect preschool for your child.

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