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How to prepare your child for school admission in Noida

How to prepare your child for school admission in Noida

School admission may be a long and tedious procedure for some parents. The process involves a series of applications, interviews, and other formalities. Often, after all these exercises, it is still tough to find the perfect match for your child, especially in a crowded city like Noida, where almost every other school promises the best education. However, the child needs to get admission in the right school, necessary for their all-round development.

Following are some steps to help you get your child admitted to the best school:

Get an early start: School admissions in Noida start earlier than when we might think. So, this is an excellent time to start exploring the school of your preference. Start by browsing school websites and pay a physical or virtual visit to the school that you have shortlisted. Prioritize a school by its location, grades, education facility, co-curricular activities, and school infrastructure. You can also take the help of other parents to find more options for school admissions.

Apply to more than one school: Most parents make the mistake of applying only to one of their chosen schools. Remember to apply to 2-3 schools to improve chances for school admission in Noida. You will have a better choice if your child can succeed in securing admission to more than one school, and send them to the school best suited for their needs.

Send your child to school well prepared: A child with a nutritious breakfast is well-prepared. Children who have an excellent breakfast will possess more energy levels and ultimately do better in the class. Breakfast must be enriched with whole grains, fiber, and proteins. Also, provide them with a full-fledged lunch box to meet out their energy levels in the school.

Ensure proper rest: Children also need the right amount of sleep. Lack of sleep will make them irritable and may lead to less attention in-class activities. Limit them with diversions such as TV, Video Games, the internet, and smartphones.

Listen to your child’s worries: A child needs to understand that their worries are important. Teach your child to be normal in all circumstances. Let them know that it is normal to feel happy, sad, and excited at different times. Children will develop more confidence when they are heard and when their problems are solved in their way. Guide them to deal with their worries independently and help them develop a positive attitude towards life.

Preparing the child at home: Create a school environment in your home to make your child more comfortable when they finally go to school. Roleplay with your child and prepare them to communicate basic details, such as introducing themselves and their parents, how to ask for something when they are in class, or how to ask the teacher when they have to leave the class.

Countdown: For the last few weeks before starting school, some basic chores will help prepare a child to go to school. Visit the market with your child to purchase a school bag. Let them choose their favorite crayons, lunch boxes, and other daily usage items. It will help them to think more responsibly and will provide a sense of control. Label the items with your child’s name and the class. Plan the mode of transport well in advance. Also, prepare them with last-minute questions to build up self-confidence.

Remember to infuse positivity while preparing your child for admission to the best school in Noida. Taking a child on a relaxed evening out before the final day of school may help them gain a lot of confidence. Show faith in your child and boost their confidence, as you have to always be on their side.

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