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Kerala 7 best places to visit

Kerala 7 best places to visit

Kerala called the "Own Country of God" is a renowned visitor's destination from all over the world. Wonders of any kind are the mystical river backwaters, beaches, nature sanctuaries, and mountain resorts. Kerala offers fun ways to explore, from beaches to traditional houseboats, tea plantations to wildlife, and waterfalls to trees. The natural beauty and riches of customs, heritage, and culture are easy for you to spend your days. You will find the charm of Kerala irresistible no matter whether you schedule a solo trip, a romantic sunrise, or a family holiday. Find the best places in Kerala and explore this list.

Kerala Best Places to Visit

1. Alleppey – Backwaters & Houseboat
Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is tagged 'Eastern Venice' by Lord Curzon and is made the best backwater in Kerala through its endless, fascinating backwaters, allied to green paddy fields and palm trees. The highlight of your trip is to make your houseboat stay and explore the beauty of Kerala's backwater with a fun cruise through its canals. Discover local villages and view villagers on a peaceful journey through their regular tasks. Alleppey certainly tops the list when you think about the ideal places to visit in Kerala for honeying, given the exceptional backwater that provides an incredible backdrop.

2. Tea Gardens & Spices Tales of Munnar
Munnar is Kerala's most popular mountain resort in the district of Idukki, the prettiest to visit. Munnar is now renowned for the lush tea plantation and the Tea Museum, once the British summer capital. Experience endless, sloping green valleys and the scent of cool tea leaves in a tea estate in Munnar.

For wildlife lovers Munnar also provides excitement. Nilgiri tahr is popular at Anamudi Peak in Munnar, where elephants and the endangered mountain goat are located. In Munnar, Elephant Lake is another common spot to find a herd of Tuscans. You can only wake up if you are fortunate when elephants walk around the tea plantations. Thus Munnar is the most common choice if you are looking for photographic places for 3 days in Kerala.

3. Kochi – the starting point for visits to Kerala's best locations
Kochi or Cochin is certainly one of Kerala's top three tourist destinations. Kochi is also known in the old days as the 'Arab Sea Queen' as a major trading center. The beauty of various cultures that inspired him – British, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese – has remained in modern Kochi.

In the Lonely Planet's list of the 10 world's leading cities in 2020, Kochi also ranked seventh. The church of San Francis – which has the ruins of Vasco Da Gama, and the modern city of Kochi – also received a United Nations World Champions' Award for an airport that is entirely operated by Solar Energy. It's home to one of the oldest European churches in India.

4. Elephants, Catholics, and Arts of the Martial Arts
Thekkady is one of Kerala's best forest tourist sites and homes to wildlife like elephants, bison, hawk, and tigers. Cruise in a tourist boat around the lake while seeing horses, birds, and reptiles. It is a smart idea to keep rare in handy for a pair of binoculars. The forest's luxuriant greenery and peaceful water will make you relax. Check the time and costs of the boat before you board.

In Thekkady, you can also go on a jungle jeep safari in Periyar's National Park which is the Tiger and Elephant Reserve. The Tiger Trail also has excursions, bamboo rafting, camps, and midnight safari for the more adventurous. Thekkady should certainly be on your list if you are looking for a tourist place in Kerala for a one-day trip.

5. Kumarakom – Kerala & Houseboats Backwaters
Go to Kumarakom if you don't want to do anything on your journey. This backwater resort is located near the lake of Vembanad and is the kind of tourist destination you would want to visit in Kerala. You can cruise on a houseboat to see a set of cocoon trees at sunset while allowing your feet to dip in the calm waters of Kumarakom. During your vacation in Kerala, you have to stay in one of the luxurious backwater resorts of Kumarakom.

You can go to one of the most famous bird sanctuaries on earth, the Kumarakom bird sanctuary if you are interested in seeing some birds. It houses a wide range of migratory birds and can make your trip more fun.

6. Wayanad - Paddy Forest and Fields of Paddy
As an enticing mountain station, Wayanad is one of the places you can visit all year round in Kerala. Wayanad means 'paddy field country' and offers you the lush landscape of rice paddy groves, betel nut trees, coffee plantations, and forests of bamboo.

There are also caves with rock and wall sculptures from the Neolithic and Mesolithic periods, and it is one of Kerala's most exotic tourist destinations. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a great site for wildlife, particularly wild elephants. It is one of the places to visit in Kerala and part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

7. Grander as Grand, Athirapally Waterfalls
In the region of the Chalakudy River, in the vicinity of the River Sholayar Range, Athirapally waterfalls are one of the best waterfalls to visit in Kerala and have acted as a splendid location for many Indian films.

The fascinating Athirapally Falls looks like a fantasy-free scene. You will approach the spot above the drops and feel the water running through your toes on the unreal surface of green pinnacles. Four separate species of hornbills can also be found here. Think of the waterfalls when you think of economic places to visit in Kerala.

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