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Mobile Usage & Workplace Does it Affect the Productivity of Employees

Mobile Usage & Workplace Does it Affect the Productivity of Employees

I had the experience of running a small business where a lot of hard work was the only key to the desired outcome. But excessive use of smartphones during working hours distract the employees from their work, and it takes time to get back to your work after scrolling. A 2017 Analysis shows that staff who use the mobile phone every 15 minutes, waste their 5 Working hours per week. Yes, no employer wants to see the downfall because a company counts on the productivity of the employees. Employees should concentrate on their tasks rather than using phones during active hours. Employee surveillance has become imperative here that is possible with spyware for android.

How Do Cell Phones Affect Concentration
The cell phone does not distract the employees only but also affects their work quality, quantity, accuracy, etc. They make more mistakes and can’t follow up the instructions to fulfill the task under a strict deadline.

Does Smart Phone Increase Personal Productivity
Yes, it does. When a user receives the notification, it gets his/her attention. Employees keep thinking to check the phone. Here, the user easily gets distracted from their working task and start focusing on personal mobile activities.

An employer should set some rules and laws for the workplace. Here, we have come to share some tips for mobile usage in the workplace.

1. Set Limits
Being an employer, you set some limits under different circumstances. It will minimize the risk of low-productivity and reduce the distraction of the employees.

1. Employer should prohibit the use of mobile phones during meetings and live-video calls conference.

2. Employees should not use their cell phone while dealing with customers.

3. They need to focus on the road while driving.

Specify the areas where they can use mobile phones:
1. Employees can use mobile phones for business calls.

2. It is permitted to use a cell phone during lunch break.

3. They can receive family calls but not make long duration calls.

2. Introduce Cell Phone Usage Etiquettes
It might be possible that receiving calls can disturb the other staff members. The employer should introduce some rules and etiquette regarding using a cell phone at the office.

1. They should speak quietly.

2. Don’t use abusive language.

3. Never receive private calls in the office area.

4. Don’t use a mobile camera or receive video calls.

5. Set your mobile phone on Silent as ringtone can disturb or distract others.

3. Follow the Verbal Warning for Breaking the Policy
If employees follow workplace policies, then you can appreciate them. But all staff members do not follow the policies and can cause a disturbance in the environment. Here, the employer should follow the progression of a verbal warning. Giving them a warning can make them follow the rules and regulations strictly.

Employee Surveillance with Spyware for Android:
Yes, we have the ultimate solution that can empower the employer to monitor the mobile phones of the employees. Install the spyware for android phones on their work phones and track how much time they spend on their cell phones. What Else Can You Monitor?

  1. Track Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  2. Read Text Messages
  3. Check Current-Location
  4. Wi-Fi Log
  5. Manage Installed Apps
  6. Remote Commands

Final Thoughts
A workplace without rules and policies can’t go on the right track. Every employee should focus on the task and use a mobile phone in permitted areas only. Consistent low-productivity can become the reason for the business downfall. Spyware for android also helps a lot to check if the employees follow the rules and etiquette or not.

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