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Techniques You May Use In Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Techniques You May Use In Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Even if you have used the best materials for grout and bought the best tiles that money can really buy, the grout will deteriorate and the tiles need to be maintained. Heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms require regular cleaning to prevent tiles from sticking, stained, and leaking from the surface. "Sometimes there may not be traffic in the area, but a loss like a pop pipe or moisture can be a nuisance, in which case you will need to work on a professional phone," he said. Can be checked In general, you should be able to clean almost all of your tiles and grout using things that are readily available in your home.

Use green cleaning materials
The best way to clean dirty and stained grout, the most effective and cheapest way is to use plain lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of vinegar and brush the grout using a toothbrush. When the stains are removed, wash with clean water.

Use of hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent bleaching agent and will turn gray, brown, and black grout into pure white. He said that hydrogen peroxide should not be used on colored grout. Just fill a regular spray bottle with some parts of hydrogen peroxide and the other half of water. This solution can be stored and used whenever needed. This solution also works wonders when it comes to mold and mold cleaning. Hydrogen peroxide may not be a friendly chemical and you should wear gloves when you mix it with water, but it is much more effective, less expensive than chlorine-based bleaches, and less dangerous. happens. Using a toothpick or a permanent toothbrush, simply rub the solution into the grout.

Electric toothbrush
Using an electric toothbrush is an effective way of grout cleaning. An electric toothbrush is used with either a shelf cleaning fluid or vinegar that can remove a foul odor in just a few minutes. An electric toothbrush can also help clean dirt and stains away from marble and regular porcelain tiles.

Steam cleaning
Experts recommend that homeowners clean or steam and grind their tiles at least once a month. Steam cleaner tiles are very simple and require only a steam cleaner in which you can use regular water, commercial cleaner, or just vinegar and baking soda. A steam cleaner can solve your cleaning problem or you can rent a steam cleaner. "Commercial cleaners are very effective if homeowners learn to use them," he said. The trick to cleaning your tiles and grout is to work on small parts at a time. Only proceed if the section is as clean as you would like it to be. Once you've worked all over the room, give one last pass before moving on to the next room.

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