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Top 9 Types Of Corporate Events And Their Goals

Top 9 Types Of Corporate Events And Their Goals

Planning a stellar corporate event is only possible when you are clear about the goals. Understanding the goals and objectives of a corporate event is most probably the most important part of planning. Organizing every corporate event around the objectives is never easy but this is the only way to your success.

When we hear of corporate event in general, a party with suited men, some presentations and food appears in our mind. The events are a lot more than that these days. The corporate culture demands success parties, incentives, leisure trips, and much more. Companies look for a Corporate Event Planning Company Zionsville whenever they need to arrange any of the event categories. There is a huge variety of corporate event types, probably the most diverse kind of planning as compared to other events. What are the key types of corporate events and their goals? Following is a description of the top 9 types mainly organized in corporate culture.

1. Product Launch
Product launch is one of the top “busiest” and “buzziest” corporate events. The primary objective of these events is to launch a new product or service through an interactive event platform. It is a tool to gain great media exposure and attracts more clients.

2. Team Building Event
Team building events are organized for the employees of the company. The basic goal is to strengthen social ties within a corporate team. The planner should build an event around the interests of employees and tailor all the activities accordingly.

3. Charity Event
Every business or company has a “cause” and charity events are organized to collect donations for that cause. An efficient charity event is only possible when you make good use of the company’s existing network. A centralized platform with a worthy value offer and strong promotion of cause are keys to success

4. Seminar
Sharing is caring. Corporate culture promotes fostering community within various companies and growing in harmony. Seminars are arranged to provide a learning opportunity for people working in the same sector. Information and networks are shared.

5. Appreciation Event
A celebratory party arranged to recognize achievements is also called an appreciation event. It can be anything in between a short in-house event to a huge rood party. It is dedicated to the recognition of the employee’s hard work.

6. Trade Show
Trade shows are arranged to showcase the services or products provided by a company. It is a bit different from product launch as it is not specified for new products.

7. Board Meeting
Board meetings include any of the formal meet-ups between the board members. They are arranged to discuss results, revenues, crucial changes, and decisions. Such events are usually held at regular intervals.

8. Incentive Trip
Leisure and entertainment are combined with corporate training. Such incentive trips are arranged at exclusive resorts and destinations. While planning, you have to focus on employees well being, interests and leisure.

9. Sports/Golf Events
Nearly every organization has golf as a favorite sports activity. The primary objective of a gold event is relationship management as well as building sportsmanship. When you have to deal with a sudden or unplanned event for business & meetups, keep calm and focus on the primary goals.

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