September 25, 2023


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Twitter is an impactful medium of digital marketing Are you aware

Twitter is an impactful medium of digital marketing Are you aware

You would have heard a celebrity tweeting on Twitter and then the netizens start trolling it and making it absolutely viral. Well, even for the latest news and happening events you check this social media channel and get updated. So far, this unique social media channel with a bluebird showing off on its logo is the most trusted and impactful medium of various information. But why don't you consider it a reliable source to promote your business? The researchers say that only 65% of the total businesses use Twitter as their digital promotion channel. Well, the stats are really disappointing we must say. Because one of the most impactful social media channels can also be a great benefit for your business if you are using it the right way.

The ways through which Twitter can benefit digital marketing for your business
Launched back in 2006, Twitter has created a really remarkable mark in the social media world. The unique concept of this social media channel has certainly been successful to grab the eyeballs of the netizens for a long. And if you contact or appoint a very good digital marketing agency in Melbourne like NextGen Digital, even they will suggest you opt for this medium for your social media marketing. Because they've got immense knowledge in this field and understand the value of every channel that can bring maximum exposure to your business. And if you want some reasons as to how Twitter can be a magnificent platform for digitizing your business, then keep reading about its benefits:

1. The low word count strategy The key significance of Twitter allowing only a minimum word count for each of its tweets has certainly been its strongest point. It became easier to grab the attention of a large number of common people who rarely have time for nonsense news and information on social media. The no-nonsense and to-the-point concept is accepted and loved by all around the world. Consider the mantra of less is the new more when you think of marketing on Twitter.

2. Advertising isn’t expensive on Twitter The cost of advertising through Twitter’s personally handled promotion section is really reasonable. And if you compare it to the exposure your brand gets through the careful advertising strategy that makes your information visible to millions, it’s actually even less than peanuts.

3. The handle and hashtag combination is dynamite Do you know Twitter was one of the first social media channels that started the usage of hashtags (#) to trend something? Yes, and then this trend had no looking back. Even your account on Twitter is displayed with the @ sign which makes tagging you easier. Also, no two accounts can have the same name on Twitter unlike lots of other social media channels. Well, these factors cumulatively work like magic. Wondering how? Actually, when a customer, reader, or Twitter user checks a specific hashtag, it becomes easier for that person to read about your business. And if you use customized hashtags along with popular hashtags for your business, you get that reach easily.

Along with all these factors, don't forget that you can easily view and analyze your business’ exposure and promotions statistics on Twitter. And if you are opting to hire an influencer marketing on Twitter, then the results would be just sky touching. So, isn't this medium an impressive channel where you should definitely promote your business?!

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