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Top 5 SAP Tips to work efficiently

Top 5 SAP Tips to work efficiently

In this series, I would like to present a bunch of quick 20 Tips related to FI/CO/AA that may come in handy to you. I can't claim you will find all of them to be new, but there will be something for everyone, to a great extent and we can also learn by SAP Training

Steps to activate Budget Check for assets (without IM)

  • Activate order management in controlling area
  • Activate commitment management in controlling area & Order type
  • Enable Budgetary control in Internal Order
  • Create statistical IO with “Object class – Investment”
  • Assign the statistical IO in asset master in the “Origin” Tab – “Investment Order” Field
  • Create asset recon account as statistical cost element (Category 90)
  • The FSG of the asset recon account must allow IO (OBC4)
  • Activate the investment order as the additional account assignment object for asset acquisition (ACSET)
  • Enter budget for the statistical internal order (KO22)

Settle Production Variances by Cost Component Structure in COPA

  • Create PA Transfer Structure with as many assignments as Cost Components in Cost Component Structure
  • Choose the Option “Costs / Revenues” in each assignment, instead of “Variances”
  • Assign each assignment to a different value field
  • Traditionally, variances are settled to COPA as per Variance Categories. But this is also an interesting way of doing the Variance Settlement

Track Origin line items of an AUC asset

  • Activate “Settlement By Cost Element” in the Allocation Structure
  • Assign the Allocation Structure to Settlement Profile of the Internal Order and the Co. Code
  • Use Program RAHERK02 to see Origin line items

Display Cost Center Accounting and Internal Order Accounting reports in Multiple Currencies

  • Using RPC0 and RPO0 respectively, you can switch between Controlling Area currency and Object Currency (Co. Code Currency)
  • These settings are per SAP User

Down Payments in Asset Accounting

  • To avoid capitalizing the asset at the time of Down Payment, modify the TTY 180 and remove the check “Capitalize FA
  • However, once the Asset GR is posted and Asset is capitalized, Depreciation will be calculated on the Down Payment amount + Asset Value. This continues till the time Down Payment is cleared
  • To avoid these issues, you can avoid updating Down payment in Asset Accounting as below
  • Create a new FSG for Vendor recon accounts (OBC4) in which Asset is SUPPRESSED
  • Modify Message F5 378 to W (OBA5)

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