September 25, 2023


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Provide Your Bottled Products an All in One Packing Solution with Bottle Boxes

Provide Your Bottled Products an All in One Packing Solution with Bottle Boxes

The 21st century has changed the world in many ways especially if we talk about the marketing industry it won’t be wrong to say that it has changed up to 360 degrees. Every day we encounter a new advancement far better than before. Customers’ demands have also been changed and are moved to a higher level. If we look a few years back only a quality product was enough to satisfy the customer but now this doesn’t work anymore. Today’s customer not only wants high-quality product but high-quality packaging as well. Therefore, marketers of today are having a tough time as they have to work a bit more hard to set threw products in the market at a certain rank and winning the trust of customers.

Different packaging techniques have been introduced in the market and all the brands are using them to make their products reputable. However, custom packaging secures a special value both in the market and in the heart of the customers. Different products are kept in boxes having different styles however bottle packaging remains neglected. But the custom packaging has room for it as well, as you have custom printed bottle boxes to complement your products coming in bottles. These products can be sauces, perfumes or oils, etc. If you are familiar with customized packing you do not need to worry about the glorified look of your bottled products as bottle boxes are there to help you.

Give Your Bottles a Safe Packaging:
Usually, manufacturers put their sauces, perfumes, and oils in glass bottles believing that glass bottle looks more graceful and alluring and has more market value. Yes it can’t be denied as it does has more market worth, but it requires special care in handling because glass material is more prone to breakage or other damages. Hence using a bottle box is highly favorable in this case as it is made of a solid cardboard material that provides your glass bottle ultimate safety and saves it from breakage and cracks. In this way, the shelf life of bottles also increased as they do not collide with each other, and the risk of cracking is minimum.

Best for the Shipping of Product:
Since the world has been digitized to a greater extent so is marketing. People now prefer buying things online and the sellers have also shifted their stores online, therefore. If you are an oil manufacturer, perfume seller, or sauce maker and want your finger-licking sauces, mesmerizing fragrances, and nutrient oils to have high sales you can use bottle boxes to complement your oil and sauce bottles. Offering the bottle boxes would not only be a fascinating factor for the customers but also help to provide your product bottles necessary protection during shipment. Whether you are offering a product in a plastic bottle or a glass bottle using bottle boxes protects them from damage during shipment as both are prone to external damages. For example, there are more risks of breakage for the glass bottle whereas plastic bottles are at the risk of dents due to a load of other things during shipping, hence making them shapeless and look ugly. Using bottle boxes will keep the bottles fixed inside themselves and will minimize the risk of damage. Moreover using bottle boxes save shipping cost when you need to send the stock in bulk. The behind reason is, these boxes are made from lightweight cardboard material and because of this feature weight of packaging doesn’t include in shipping and in this way you save your money.

Bring Innovation in Packaging:
Innovation is necessary when you are in the market because customers get bored from the same kind of presentation. Therefore, top brands bring new packaging ways often to keep the customers engaged with their products for a long time. If you are operating as a liquid product manufacturer and want your products to be in trend all time you must use custom printed bottle boxes. By doing so you can bring innovation to your bottle products, for example, you can introduce new and unique designs that are artistic enough to catch the customer's eye in the first go. Moreover, you can inculcate different color combinations to mesmerize your customers and to persuade them to shop from you.

Offer Elegant Logos in Packing Boxes:
Logos play a role of a vertebral bone in building your brand’s name, it tells a lot about your brand and your product in few seconds. Using customized packaging for your products offer you to imprint a stylishly crafted logo on your product box. You can infuse bright colors in designing your logo to make it more artistic and appealing. Moreover, a decent logo also helps you to establish a deep connection with the customer and help your product to stay in his mind for the long term so that he may consider buying from you again and again.

Synthesize Easy Handling of Bottles:
Bottles are not so easy to handle because of their different sizes and shapes. As discussed earlier bottles are more prone to dangling here and there in an irregular manner therefore sometimes it becomes very difficult for you to manage with the bottles and you end up with frustration regarding their placement. In such cases, using bottle boxes proves highly beneficial as they provide easy handling of the bottles. You can even get your bottle box customized according to the number of bottles you want to place in a single box. Your bottles remain fixed in the box and you have no worries that they will fell here and there hence you can carry them easily. Further, if you want them to arrange on a shelf in a proper manner custom printed bottle boxes facilitate you here too. You can place your artistic bottle box on a shelf and place your bottles inside it to make them stand still there.

Economical packaging with a free graphic illustration:
Custom bottle boxes when ordered in a bulk are light on pocket and many packaging campmates also offer you free graphic illustrations on them hence you can have quality packaging for your bottled products at low pricing. Further, it assists you in achieving your desired business target in less time. If you are a seller of bottled products and looking for enhancing their value in the market you must opt for the custom printed bottle boxes as their multiple features are highly beneficial for boosting your business.

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