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What Is The Average Settlement For Rear End Car Accident

What Is The Average Settlement For Rear End Car Accident

It is simply impossible to say that we have never suffered or been part of a car accident. The moment we start our car, we are already exposed to all the possible dangers that we may encounter.

In a rear-end car collision, both drivers have the same position of responsibility unless proven otherwise. That is why the settlement is rather confusing.

For this reason, today, we are going to address this sensitive issue in depth. We will discuss what is the average settlement for a rear-end car accidents.

What Is Rear Collision: A Constant Danger To Our Lives
There are a lot of possible accidents that we can suffer while we are driving. A rear collision is one of the crashes that happen most frequently.

This type of situation can occur due to multiple factors, and it is up to us to try to avoid them at all costs. Today, many more elements can make it easier for drivers to lose concentration while behind the wheel.

People who have such dangerous habits as making phone calls, messaging, talking should be considered dangerous drivers. Also, a person who tends to be easily distracted is very likely to cause an accident at some point.

What Injuries Can I Have After A Rear-End Collision
We must bear in mind that a car crash has a violent impact. Even at low speed, it is capable of causing injury on a physical and even psychological level. In the event of a rear-end collision, the force and direction of the impact can injure important parts of the body.

One of the most vulnerable areas to a collision in the back of our car is the spine. In fact, one of the most common injuries in these situations is the so-called "whiplash effect." It is a problem that occurs due to sudden flexion or extension of the neck.

The head is also another part that can suffer significant injuries during a rear-end collision. In high-speed impacts, the blow will make our head impact directly on the steering wheel. And it can cause a contusion.

Regardless of the severity of the impact, a rear crash can make us suffer a lot. It can generate a state of agitation in our body that can trigger a whole series of serious psychological problems. The victim can face stress, anxiety, and even the well-known post-traumatic stress syndrome.

What Is The Average Settlement For Rear-End Car Accident
Now, why did we mention the points on different types of injury due to rear-end collision? Because they will determine the settlement amount in such cases.

You need to remember one thing that there is no strict average amount in these cases. Every accident is different and so are the result, pain, injury, and consequence. Even the laws are different in every state. So, we can only refer to a rough amount that may be near an average amount.

In most cases, the usual settlement for a rear-end car accident ranges from 15,000$ to 20,000$. The amount can increase up to 70,000$-100,000$ if there is serious injury involved. But very rarely, the amount can reach above 150,000$. But, those are very serious cases and happens occasionally.

How to Determine That It Was Not My Fault
Before taking legal action and claiming compensation, it is important to ensure that the victim is not at fault. If you can't prove the other party's complete fault in the court, your compensation will be reduced. Not only that, you can be held accountable for fraud and lose money.

As we said, every state has its own set of laws and rules. For example, in California, to claim a settlement, you need to prove that the other party is largely responsible. Here, they need to be at 51% fault.

On the other hand, if you hit the rear end of another's car in Texas, you will be responsible for that accident. But, the main thing is, if you have solid proof and evidence, you can hold another person accountable. In this case, it will be "Comparative Negligence."

Like any other case, the most important thing is the approach towards the accident. It is not necessary to get into legal obligations to solve problems. If both the party can discuss the matter calmly, you can solve it outside the court.

But in case you find yourself in need of having to file a lawsuit with the other driver, find a lawyer. Consult well with a car accident attorney so that he can explain how to address the problem. He will explain what is the average settlement for a rear-end car accidents.

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