January 24, 2022


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Bangalore has wonderful places to explore in the outskirts, surrounded by hills and rivers. The best thing is that the best outdoor and adventure camps are in Karnataka, whether you enjoy camping, rafting, or kayaking, these sites are great sporting activities.

We choose the best camps in order of distance though there are a lot of camps and outdoor activities around Bangalore. Here is our list of Bangalore and its 10 best adventure camps.

Bangalore Best Adventure Camps

1. Camp of Nandi Hills
For the Bangaloreans, the Nandi Hills near Bangalore is a popular tourist location. At the weekend, many go to the hills for a wide variety of activities in Nandi Hills camps.

It's quick to get to Nandi Hills, either you can take the Bangalore Central Station or you can take the bus down.

2. Camp of Anthargans
You can see the deepest section of the Anthargange mountains at the Anthargange Adventure Camp. Treks are always done by night, so get here in the evening, camp outside for a few hours, and then go up to the hills for a three-hour climb to see the sunrise.

3. Betta Camp Kunti
The Kunti Betta Camp offers three activities – star camping, hiking, and water sports on the nearby lake. The camp starts with the trek to the mountain top at night. A local South breakfast will be served until there.

4. Camp of Ramanagara
Outdoor activity Ramanagara provides the ideal atmosphere. The hills are great for hiking, and the lake is an excellent place to practice water sports.

The best time for a camp here is a day and a half. During the day, take part in various outdoor activities such as rappelling and climbing cords. At night, a cozy bonfire and a singing session are open to you to camp under the stars before going back to your tent.

5. Adventure Camp Savandurga
Enjoy a lot of sports in Adventure Camp in Savandurg Discover lots of sports on the adventure camp in Savandurga (source)

The Savanurga camp provides a wide range of outdoor team bonding games and is the perfect location for a team trip. The Jungle Survival activity is the highlight, where teams must perform certain tasks to be the winner.

6. the Camp of Hollywood
Though treks in Kabbaladurga are a great deal of fun, camping under the stars is the best way to experience your time in the hills. Walk for about half an hour and take a half break to watch brilliantly the stars and the moon before starting back on the walkway toward the mountain.

If you go in the winter, have a beautiful snack in the cool weather. There's a variety of adventure sports on camp, but they aren't thrilling. The perfect camp to gaze at the stars.

7. Camping in Chikmagalur
The Mullayanagiri Mountain is one of the reasons Chikmagalur is known as a campsite. On Karnataka the highest point, explorers often flock to Chikmagalur to climb up the hills. In addition to cycling, the camp also offers exclusive adventure games and activities. The exercises are very complicated, so your strength and ability are a great test.

8. Camp of Kanakapura
The Kanakapura Camp is full of action. In the beginning, you can build your own tent in this camp. They also plan fun and incredible team and community events.

9. Camp of Bheemeshwari
Bheemeshwari is now a hotbed for adventure sports, home to the hills and part of the river Cauvery. There is plenty to do in the camp held in Bheemeshwari.

Take part in a range of adventure sports or do constructive things like riverbank fishing, you have to pick. Wildlife and bird watching for those interested in wildlife are also available in the camp.

10. Camp of Manchinbele
You will enjoy spending time at Manchinbele Camp if you are dreaming about walking through the wilderness and camping outdoors. Ziplining, kayaking, swimming in the river, and rappelling are all possible in this camp. To unwind, rent the River Arkavathi and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Relax without doing anything.

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