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5 Norse Gods and Goddesses You Should Know

5 Norse Gods and Goddesses You Should Know

People in ancient times lived in groups and scattered in various countries in the world. Each group has different beliefs so it is interesting to discuss. The Norse or the Nordic as an example. The Norse or Nordic people are a Germanic tribe who despised Scandinavia. They lived between the years 800 and 1300 AD. The Norse people worshiped a number of gods and goddesses who were believed to bring them good luck. Here are 5 gods and goddesses worshiped by the Norse people.

1. Heimdall
The name of a place must have a guard. Even though that place is Asgard even though it is the place where the gods live, there are still guards. The guardian of Asgard was not an arbitrary figure. The guardians of Asgard named Heimdall and Heimdall are descendants of the giant Fornjot and the grandson of Aegir who is a giant from the sea. Heimdall is equipped with horns which are called Gjallarhorn. This horn is what he uses to defend Asgard when an intruder comes. Heimdall has very sharp eyesight. Heimdall is able to see objects even though they are thousands of miles away. He also has hearing that is no less sharp than his sight.

2. Tyr
Greek mythology believes that Ares was the god of war. In Norse mythology there is also a god of war and he is named Tyr. Tyr's character can be said to be similar to Ares. War lover and brave. Tyr is depicted as a god with one hand. His left hand was cut off from being bitten by the wolf Fenrir. According to the story, Tyr is the son of Hymir who is a giant. Although very strong, Tyr is said to have been killed by Garm. This Garm is the guard dog of the god Hel.

3. Hel
In almost every belief there must be such a thing as hell or the underworld. In Norse mythology, the Norse believed in a hell and this place was guarded or controlled by a single god. The Norse goddess of hell was Helheim or Hel. When someone dies and his soul meets Hel, Hel will determine the fate of that person's soul. Hel is the daughter of Loki and Angrboda's relationship who is a giant. Hel is described as a woman whose body has partially decomposed. Her face was pale and gloomy.

4. Loki
There are many kinds of gods in Norse mythology, one is known to be very cunning and has many tricks. He is Loki. Loki was born from the relationship between Farbauti and Laufey, where they both are descendants of giants or giants. One of Loki's abilities is the ability to change shape.

Actually Loki is not completely evil, he is just a prank. His crimes were often so exaggerated that he fell victim, namely Balder. Loki's relationship with the Norse gods was arguably very complicated. Like his relationship with Thor. Loki often teased Thor and ran away when Thor was angry Read Also: 10 Greek Gods and Goddesses Mythology That You Want to Know

5. Njord
Njord is often also called Nyord, he is the figure of the god who ruled the seas in Norse mythology. Much like Poseidon in Greek mythology. Njord is often associated with prosperity and fertility. The Vikings revered the Njord as the god of shipping, while the Germans considered him the richest of all Norse gods.

Njord has a wife from a giant named Skadi. The funny thing is, Skadi married Njord because he mistook Njord's leg for Baldur who is the god of youth. But marriage is inevitable. Even though they are married, Njord and Skadi live in two different places. Njord offered to live in Noatun but Skadi prefers to live in snowy mountains. From the marriage with Njord produced two twins, namely Freyr and Freya.

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