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5 Tips or Picking the Perfect Cloakroom Vanity Unit

5 Tips or Picking the Perfect Cloakroom Vanity Unit

The Cloakroom Vanity Unit is designed to fit in the compact space of the bathroom. These solve the problem of less space availability as often cloakrooms only have enough space for the toilet and basin. With a compact vanity unit, you still use the same space but get extra storage as well. This is because most of the compact size vanity units for cloakrooms have on the top basin, so you do not need a separate basin for you. This saves space for you and provides additional storage for keeping the bathroom essential without adding any extra item. A vanity unit in the bathroom can easily become the center of attention; therefore, the right choice will have a high impact on your cloakroom's overall look.

Consider the Needs of the Users
The cloakroom vanity units, as the name suggest, are suitable for the small bathroom spaces. But that does not mean you can not use it in the family bathrooms. The choice of bathroom vanity unit should be based on its users. Are you living alone, with a partner or have family? Everyone may have different needs? You need to install the cloakroom bathroom vanity unit in a bathroom used by the guest or all family members. You must always keep these things in mind. A vanity unit in compact size will be the best of guest bathroom or other compact bathrooms. Even if you have a small bathroom or want a separate bathroom for your growing kids, it may be the best vanity unit in all such situations.

Where is your Plumbing Located
Changes in plumbing can be highly costly, so, you may not want to do it often. However, where plumbing is located may have detrimental effects on the style of the vanity unit. Moving existing plumbing is possible, but you may have to consider your budget limitations. So, check the position where the vanity unit will fit in, check its plumbing, and evaluate how much space it has considering easy movement.

Consider the Style of a Vanity Unit
Generally, bathroom vanity units for the cloakroom are available in two styles. A freestanding vanity unit and a wall hung vanity. A freestanding vanity unit may work well usually work with traditional plumbing design. A wall hung unit on the other side will be fixed on the wall requiring plumbing hookups for the on the top basin. If you want your cloakroom to look modern, then a wall hung cloakroom vanity unit will be the best option for you.

Measure the Space Available in your Bathroom
You must know how much space you have available in the bathroom that you can allocate for a vanity unit. While measuring it, you must make sure that vanity drawer doors have enough space left to open. Visualize how it feels for a person standing in the bathroom by occupying that space. Navigating through the bathroom should not be difficult after placing the vanity unit. You can use a small 400mm box by placing at that place to visualize it.

Determine the colour of the vanity unit
Like everyone else, you would like to have a beautiful bathroom, and that's only possible when you have a consistent look. It is important that your bathroom furniture and utility matches, and style and colour create a coordinated look. So, it is important that you match the overall tone while choosing a vanity unit for a cloakroom.

Choosing the right vanity unit is all about making the right choice
You must remember choosing the vanity unit for a cloakroom or family bathroom is all about making the right choices. If you carefully decide about the type, colour, and size, it will help perfectly improve your bathroom's overall look.

Get Cloakroom Vanity Unit from The Royal Bathrooms UK
Cloakrooms usually require compact 400 mm size furniture. That's why royal bathrooms in the UK has introduced a complete range in gloss white, grey and indigo colours cloakroom vanity unit. From free standing to wall-mounted styles, you can choose a unit as per your requirements.

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