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A brief history of International Schools in Noida and around the world

A brief history of International Schools in Noida and around the world

International schools go back to the latter half of the 19th Century in countries like Japan, Switzerland, and Turkey. The actual reason why the idea of international schools was for the children of diplomats and other international government workers or employees to find schools that are not entirely different wherever they go. It was an international school which means there were boards of education that were internationally compatible and acceptable. This would prove highly beneficial to students who travel a lot.

Schools in Noida go back to as far as 1987 when Somerville School was set-up. However, in particular international schools in Noida can go back to the year 2002 when Global Indian International School began operations. The timing of the launch of international schools in Noida was highly appropriate because it was around the early 2000s that Noida began picking up pace in terms of families moving in from all over the country.

So, what makes an international school international
In 2009, the International Association of School Librarianship came up with a list of guidelines for an international school to hold that title:

  • Transferability of the student's curriculum across schools
  • A comparatively moving population instead of the local population
  • The multicultural and multilingual student body
  • An international curriculum
  • International accreditation with IGCSE, IBP, etc.
  • A peripatetic and multinational teacher population
  • Equal acceptance across nationalities
  • English as the primary medium of communication

International schools exercise thought leadership through which they try to stay ahead of the curve in every aspect of education. The faculty at an international school operates on the same level as the student to be partners and not just people who cannot be approached.

Technologically Savvy
One major aspect of international schools to keep in mind is that they are always looking ahead when it comes to technological integration. They use more devices for students and rely on a lot of modern tools to supplement daily learning. This prepares the students to be up-to-date with any new advancements and makes them street-smart.

Expert Pedagogy
The faculty at any international school is specially trained in the ways of the international curricula. Their class rubrics are designed more interactively as compared to a general theoretical format. This makes a student more eager to study.

An Ideal Example
To throw light on what an ideal international school would be like, let me talk about Global Indian International School or GIIS Noida. Now GIIS Noida is a CBSE academy along with offering a Global Montessori Program (GMP) curriculum for nursery children but they make sure that they innovate the way they impart the education through their skill-specific programs which use online tools along with a STEM methodology so that the students are both university and industry-ready. They also have a Bridge Programme which fared perfectly for a student who is transitioning from one school to the other because it would compensate for the lost classes without eating up the time of a semester.

They also have an award-winning holistic development framework called the 9GEMS™ which revolves around Academic excellence, Sports excellence, Visual & Performing arts, Personality Development, Innovation & Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Universal values & Ethics, Community & Care, and Skill Development. Choosing a CBSE board can be highly beneficial too

  • The curriculum is common across schools of study and is well defined
  • Teachers are to be ready to start a lesson from any semester for any new child
  • Books, other material, Question papers are all the same
  • A single exam is taken with nationwide results

Hence, for a student moving from one state to the other, it never becomes a problem. Objective score comparison becomes possible. If you are an itinerant parent and always move around the country then it would be wise to an international school and a common board. It ends up being very simple for the child too.

A CBSE academy typically follows the schedule of NCERT which is the ideal syllabus that is decided for all. This also helps in preparing for nationwide exams like the AIIMS and IIT. This is because how CBSE prepares the students makes them familiar with the questions that come later on in the entrance exams. Here are a few more international schools to look out for which offer both CBSE and other boards

  • Amity Global School
  • Learners International School
  • Pathways School Noida
  • Kothari School
  • Shriram Millennium School

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