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Aventura Parks Where Nature Meets Fun

Aventura Parks Where Nature Meets Fun

After having heard of a nature-themed park in the Middle East, I was curious to head to the emirate of Dubai myself to revel in this hidden gem. Being a fitness-enthusiast and an adrenaline-junkie, it was impossible to pass up the opportunity to explore another one of the famous parks in Dubai.

Starting my adventure with a few friends who shared my enthusiasm, we set off to the largest Ghaf tree forest in Mushrif Park where Aventura is located. As the surrounding scenery transitioned from urban skylines to secluded natural preserves, the emirate revealed a side of it that many might not notice.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination with a dozen people more that included families and corporate retreats. At first, it was confusing to see suits and kids excited to go to the same place. However, once we got in, it was clear as to why that was so.

Divisions of the Park
Aventura Park in Dubai has been divided into different sections of obstacle courses and hurdle races based on ages and the physical challenges each section presents.

Starting from the Rangers section that was dedicated to young kids, the available activities included rope bridges, rope climbing, mini circuits, etc.

Coming over to the Explorador section that is for almost everyone, we could see the whole family running the circuit. It included activities that are considered to be of medium difficulty. Therefore, the administration of the park recommended that anyone who isn’t physically active try Explorador before moving on to tougher challenges.

Seeing as how we wanted to explore the park more than getting to the toughest challenges, we went with it. Although the 17 obstacles it included didn’t prove to be that much of a challenge, it was certainly fun enough for a warm-up.

After Explorador, we were suggested to try out the signature course, Aventura that included a total of 15 challenges. These activities were physically demanding and required stamina, agility, nimbleness, and strength. If you think climbing heights and running the obstacle course wasn’t enough, the park surprised us with three zip lines at the very end. Since we were competing, the fun was amplified enough to be voiced by our screams as we slid down the consecutive zip lines.

It was certainly an enjoyable course, and, needless to say, we wanted more of it. One of the most commendable things about the Extreme section was that it was wholesome. Meaning, everything you did in the other sections was going to come in handy in the Extreme course. However, the administration still warned people to make sure they were ready for it before beginning.

Considering it as a challenge that we couldn’t refuse, we began the Extreme challenge. Suffice it to say, if it wasn’t for the top-notch safety lines, I might have broken a bone when I almost fell off the rock-climbing section. But that was nothing compared to what the park had in store for me at the 25 meter Tarzan jump. Of all the 16 challenges in the Extreme course, we all were sure that the ziplines and the Tarzan jump were the most fun.

The Park
Aventura isn’t just a play zone for kids and adults even though it deserves to be called one of the best ones. The Park section of Aventura is a serene habitat for the famous Ghaf trees that surround the landscape and engulf you with tranquil scenery. If you make it in time after the rain as we did, you will find thousands of different species of flora and fauna blooming in a variety of colors.

As a lover of the emirate’s landmark attractions and leisure destinations, I can verify that Aventura promises a significant amount of fun. It is definitely one of the best places where you can head for adventure in Dubai.

Whether you’re with friends like I was, with a family, or even with colleagues, the park becomes the ideal entertainment destinations. The only drawback is that people who aren’t physically active won’t be able to experience the thrill of the Extreme section.

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