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Top 5 Best EMR for Pain Management 2021

Top 5 Best EMR for Pain Management 2021

What is an EMR system?
An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system provides a digital record of patients’ information. Modern systems host several advanced features that increase a facility’s operational efficiencies. An EMR software designed specifically for pain management includes speciality relevant content, templates for diagnosis and treatments, and creates a network with similar medical professionals. In this article, we make the difficult decision for you by reviewing the best EMR for pain practice

The top 5 EMR systems for pain management

This medical software provider has been in the industry since 1997. The EHR system offered by RXNT focuses on streamlining workflows and communications at a reasonable cost. RXNT is a strong contender for the best EMR for pain practise since it offers customizable templates specific to pain management. A user-friendly interface is provided that also connects to the mobile devices of users. The latter makes patient check-ins easier and faster. Patient profiles are created and updated in real-time, in an instant. The system connects to a vast network of pharmacies, labs as well as other medical specialists. Doctors can prescribe medicines and lab tests directly from the system through its e-prescribing feature. Results of lab tests are directly updated in the system and sent to doctors for further analysis. 

DrChrono EHR
DrChrono offers pain management EHR and medical billing software for doctors dealing with chronic pain. The company is of the view that practitioners should focus on providing quality care to their patients as opposed to being fixated behind a computer screen. Hence, DrChrono offers a set of automated tools that lets you focus on what you do best. The system makes charting easy through a speech converter. Words spoken appear on the screen as text so that notes can be documented quicker. Doctors can use the drawing tool to draw anything they deem important to remember. DrChrono EHR also considerably lessens the consumption of paper. Electronic consent forms and instructions are sent to patients before their appointments. All invoices and insurance claims are also managed electronically to further streamline workflows.

CareCloud Charts
Another top choice for the Best EMR for Pain Management is CareCloud Charts. The medical software provider believes that patients with chronic pain should not be bothered when it comes to administrative processes. Hence, the system prioritizes a smooth and hassle-free patient experience. Patients can schedule, reschedule and pre-pay appointments in a matter of seconds without getting medics involved. To save time, patients can complete intake forms at home so that care could be provided to them urgently. Another utility provided by CareCloud is that patients can update information about their demographics, insurance and payment preferences from any part of the world and that too at any time. 

AllegianceMD provides pain management software that helps manage a facility’s clinical, financial and administrative processes. The system includes a machine learning algorithm that understands and remembers how a patient with a certain pain was treated. This in turn makes charting easier and allows informed decisions to be made quicker. The EMR system provided by AllegianceMD is hosted on the cloud. The software can be accessed from any part of the world and at any time - all is required is an internet connection. An EHR mobile app is offered that is compliant with both Android and iOS. Practitioners can view appointments, prescribe medicines, communicate with patients and review patient summary sheets on the go. 

ChartLogic offers a pain management solution that will surely make your workflows efficient. Speciality-specific templates are provided to speed up the process of documenting notes, diagnosis and treatments. Clients can also customize templates according to their own needs and preferences. Accompanied by speech recognition technology, users can create notes in less than 90 seconds. Speech recognition is not only for documenting notes, medical professionals can use their voice for hands-free access to patient charts, notes and templates. Another impressive feature offered is that of a patient tracker. Doctors and admin staff can identify where a patient is, why they are in a clinic and how long they have been waiting for. 

Which EMR system should I opt for
An efficient and supportive EMR system is crucial for the success of a pain management facility. In this article, we provided you with a detailed overview of the top 5 

EMR for pain practice
for 2021. You now know the top contenders when considering investing in pain practise EMR. Make the final decision by identifying your requirements and expectations from an EMR system and then matching them with the features provided by the above-mentioned EMR systems.