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Preparation Checklist Before Exchanging Your Second Home

Preparation Checklist Before Exchanging Your Second Home

Each individual has their own way to welcome guests in their vacation home. Many craft their homemade checklist, while others prefer to prepare their vacation home exchange to be always ready. But, keep in mind that a vacation home is not a hotel, so everything doesn’t have to be perfect. In this article, we put forth a quick guide on preparing your house for your exchange partner's family. 

Starting With Door & Street Access:
Make sure you discuss with your home exchange partner where you’ll place the keys for your vacation home. The house address must be visible & marked.

  • Get rid of the weeds and aging plants in the front yard.
  • Make sure the door keys that you leave work

Safety Matters a Lot:

  • Do check the CO2 and smoke detectors work, and check the batteries and replace them as needed
  • Make sure your exchange partner knows where the fuse box is located in case of any problem.
  • Make sure you check for leaks; you probably don’t want to ruin someone’s vacation.
  • Hire professionals to clear out the gutters if they are overflowing

Living Room:

  • First, make sure to put away all your antique stuff and collectibles you love.
  • Make sure your guests know details such as wi-fi passwords.


  • The second home exchange could be a perfect excuse to replace your old mattresses.
  • Make sure your guests have a set of clean sheets.

Have Some Space at Closets and Drawers:

Ensure that you free up at least one drawer and cabinet in your vacation home.


  • First, make sure the bathroom drains are working.
  • Have a plumber inspect the washrooms to identify any leakage.
  • Remove the clutter from the bathroom closets, such as beauty supplies.
  • Have a nice set of towels to welcome your guests.
  • Have shampoos and soaps; your exchange partner may not be traveling with these.


  • Check if the coffee maker and electric kettle are working.
  • Tidy up the cupboards in your cooking space.
  • Take some time to get rid of the leftovers in the refrigerator.

Cleaning Supplies

  • Make sure you have cleaning essentials; these include the broom and dustpan.
  • Don’t forget the dish detergent.
  • Have a vacuum cleaner for their day-to-day cleaning.

Bonus Tips:

  • Find a reliable house exchange site where you can register for FREE.
  • List your second home, and find the right swapper to earn exchange rewards for future use.
  • Do all the interactions with your exchange partner only on the website’s official messenger.
  • Don’t feel timid to get a clear, even the minutest query of yours right away.
  • Be realistic and flexible; if they have any demands, try to work things mutually.

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