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Business Plans Key Concept Fastest VPN

Business Plans Key Concept Fastest VPN

Our remarkable differences are the crucial strength that makes us different from competitors. We aim to accomplish goals and strategies such as high-speed connection, malware protection, Adblocker, and p2p optimized servers. Our VPN is build to aid customers with free to surf the internet around the globe. Our meeting with the staff to ensure a secure browsing and bypass censorship will help us achieve our goals and meet the tagline of a secure virtual private network connection.

Business Goals

Our goal is to provide the fastest and secure internet connection where we promise to secure the data from a third party. We aim to look for the satisfaction level of the customer. We have the ultimate goal of ensuring that the customer is standing with the positive word of mouth and in case if he has the negative word of mouth we try our best to solve the customers' queries.

Personal Goals

  • To keep employees' satisfaction level as high as possible.
  • Making a long-term relationship with the customer.
  • Avoid wrong promises.
  • Looking for the long- term profits of the company.
  • Securing the future with the sales volume.

Business Goals

  • Increasing sales by over 50 million by the end of 2021.
  • Working for the maximization of the profit.
  • Expanding business with having affiliates on boards with us.
  • Attaining Loyalty of the customers.
  • Growth of the company by using an effective marketing strategy.

Strategic Goals

Expanding strategic alliance with affiliate markets so that the image of the brand is to be created. Providing high recurring as high than our competitors.

Tactical Goals

  • Eliminating the level of dissatisfaction level of the customers by looking into the queries.
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with the customer and our affiliate markets.
  • Encouraging positive word of mouth
  • Motivation to employees for performing better
  • Rewards and discounts to aid with achieving the goals of our company.


Our tagline Seamless Network Connection " Fastest VPN defines the purpose of our company. We want to be the company that set up the example for becoming customer-oriented as where the satisfaction of the customers matters as our priority. Our service will be above the customer's expectations, leading to a long-lasting impact on the customers' creative minds.

Ideal Customers

The Fastest VPN targeted audience is the group of individuals aged between 16-24. Digging into the depth of it will cater to a wide range of people. As every internet user requires VPN for different purposes such as:

  • Channels
  • The Vpn is used to watch channels witch are not available in our country such as:
  • Voot
  • Netflix

Brand Awareness

  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Multiple device connectivity ( more than 20)
  • Better protocols
  • Firewall (NAT)

Lead Generation Plan

We believe in having a quality lead. Our plan for generating a quality lead is defined as follow:


The first and foremost that our brand will be following is to have a website. The website will be well optimized concerning search engine optimization. Right keywords usage so that the customer impression to be turned into the clicks.


We believe that networks are the best way to generate a quality lead. As having PBN networks moving forward guest posting so that the readers reaching us with our quality blog.

Social Media Pages

  • Different social media platforms such as
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Our strategy of running ads on the above platforms, and also we will be moving towards the upcoming new approach of WhatsApp, which will enable us to sell leads and make the process of payment easier.

Other Form of Advertising

Our other strategies would be running add on google awards and moving toward the pay per click and email marketing. We believe in focusing on new designs that are on the way to generate qualified leads. Explore more of the Online Business Tools for running the business operations smoothly.

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