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Five Major Tourist Attractions in Belgium

Five Major Tourist Attractions in Belgium

Belgium is a charming and spectacular country in Western Europe, widely famous for its medieval towns, Catholic Universities, modern architecture, ancient sites, peaceful nature, and incredible attractions. It might be a small country but packed with unlimited exposure, fun, joy, and adventure. From modern cities to ancient streets, you will have a lot to explore and enjoy during the trip. The best time to visit the country is in April, May, and June in the summer season and between September and October in the winter season. When it comes to Belgium, you can’t easily decide the best tourist attractions in Belgium. Here are the top five selected places you can explore during your trip. 

Grand Place, Brussels
La Grand Place is one of the popular tourist attractions in Belgium, also known as De Grote Markt. The building was highly fantasized for its vernacular and spectacular architecture. Its one side is governed by the medieval town hall which is now a gem of Gothic architecture. It was also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its spectacular depiction of late 17th-century architecture. Every year millions of tourists come here to see the landmarks of Belgium. During your trip, you can enjoy some amazing activities such as discovering the city’s talented artists, heading out for a walking tour, tasting the local or international cuisine, going for museum tours, and also visiting its cultural centers.

Meuse Valley
The Meuse Valley is considered the south of Brussels and one of the best tourist places to see heaven with naked eyes. Visitors come here to explore the scenic river views and natural wildlife species. The place is surrounded by dense forests, hilltop castles, and little towns. While on your trip, you can head to the cities of Namur or Dinant and enjoy the river trip with your companions. Apart from this, travelers can also enjoy several fun activities such as hiking and cycling and add some treasure and fun to their trip. To avail of the low-fare flight tickets, make Lufthansa Booking in advance and get exclusive discounts on flight reservations and vacation packages.

St. Peter’s Church, Leuven
The church is a fine example of Brabant Gothic style designed with pointed arch windows and sheaf pillars. It stands in the middle of the Grote Markt. If you are a true art lover or get inspired by art pieces, you must visit the place. Here, you will find some of the exceptional paintings demonstrating the biblical scenes during ancient times. To be very particular, seeing the Baroque carved pulpit and Dirk Bouts painting of the last supper are worth the visit. There are so many options for staying in Leuven such as Park Inn, Martin’s Klooster, Ibis Leuven Centrum, Pentahotel Leuven, Beginhof, Getaway Studios, The Lodge Heverlee, Theater Hotel, Binnenhof Hotel, Condo Gardens, Malon Hotel, etc.

Another famous tourist attraction in Belgium is Ghent, the oldest and largest city of the Flanders region is well-known for its art and serenity. The place is quite small and cozy but at the same time, big enough to be vibrant. It is also a center of trade and culture. While visiting Ghent, the best thing to do is discover life in medieval Ghent at Gravensteen, admire the picturesque St. Michael’s Bridge, get amazed by St Bavo’s Abbey, and shop amongst stunning architecture in Pathol. The city is also admired for its delicious cuisines, beer, and ancient sites. If you like the place and want to discover it fully, make advance online Alaska airlines reservations to avoid future flight delays or cancellations due to unavoidable circumstances.

In today’s time, people remember the name of the place as it is where the Napoleons were defeated in the battle. Travelers visit the site to explore the charming and serene views across the countryside. It is an essential spot for people who have a keen interest in knowing about the history of Belgium and greater Europe in a detailed manner. There are so many top attractions to discover in Waterloo, and it includes St. Jacob Farmers’ Market and Flea Market, Canadian Clay, and Glass Gallery, Waterloo Park, Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Central Railway, West Montrose Bridge, etc.