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Get High Quality Mix for Your Floor

Get High Quality Mix for Your Floor

A floor screed is a cemented structure applied on a slab of concrete ground or can be applied to a floor unit of precast concrete. It is usually made up of a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 or 1:5 of sharp sand to cement regarding which you can get full information from a concrete manufacturer if you are thinking to start a project or hire a contractor. In either way, you need to have some knowledge of floor screed mix. You can bond it to the base directly or it can be just laid without any bond on a membrane placed on the slab which is damp proof. For cast in water which provides heating under the floor, this is very much suitable.

Floor screed mix
Get ready mixed floor screed mix of sand and cement which is mixed at the factory level and when needed it is delivered on the site. This ensures 100% quality and ensures solidarity and strength. This offers consistency to a great extent as compared to the screed which is mixed on-site. Factory-made has more strength since it is made under special circumstances and conditions which allow it to be perfectly settling. Pumpable flowing screeds can also be provided on demand. These ensure level finishes.

100% quality measures
The Get full quality assurance and amazing measures against your floor screed mix. Quality has no boundaries and that’s what the experienced and expert manufacturers of this mix keep in mind every time. For applying, a minimum thickness of 25mm can be kept for bonding. Since the majority of these mixtures are anhydrite compounds, they are calcium sulfate-based as per the binder. There is an extensive range of products in this domain supplied all across London. It depends on your demand whether you need a ready-made mixture or an onsite screed mix. Sharp sand, along with fibers and cement, is what makes it more durable and of greater strength. This ready-made mixture will save a lot of your labor as well as raw material cost. Also since time is a valuable asset too therefore it needs to be taken care of as well.

Choose wisely
Since this mixture is eco-friendly this is not harmful to the environment as no harmful products are used in its manufacturing. This mixture gives you a lot of flexibility to use concrete in ways that are different and traditional and usual. This will save you a lot of time. Mostly the material used is water, cement, and sand for the making of floor screed. You can use it for both domestic as well as commercial usage as it is always the right mix for your flooring-related bondage needs. If you need guidance, a customer service representative will address your queries and guide you more about the mix type and product. For different floors, this is a uniform and an effective base. Cement and sand are mixed in the right proportion to give a strong bondage floor base.

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