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How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Windows

How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Windows

Although the aesthetic appeal is vital, energy-efficiency plays an essential role when buying new or replacement windows. By selecting highly energy-efficient windows, you will not just lower your cooling and heating bills, you can also get a better return on your investments according to the window manufacturers. 

Many factors should be considered to decide how much comfort and performance you want in your house. Finding out what they mean when it comes to energy efficiency will assist you to find the best replacement windows. 

Importance of Energy Efficiency
Your old windows can let air enter or exit from small cracks, ineffective glass, or incorrectly installed or missing sealing. The cooling or heating system of your house also needs to work harder to offer a comfortable temperature in the house. Due to this, you end up with negative impacts on the environment and higher energy bills. However, if you have energy-efficient windows, you can fix the performance issues and decrease these issues. Those who select energy-efficient windows will get: 

Decreased Carbon Footprint: Professional installation, modern glass options, and quality craftsmanship will limit the impacts your house has on the whole environment. If you have less efficient and single-pane windows, you can upgrade to the more energy-efficient options and save between 1147 pounds and 3839 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. 

Lower Energy Costs: Ineffective windows can lead to higher energy bills. If you ease the stress on your HVAC unit, you will save money. By replacing your single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows, you can save a lot of money. 

Enhanced Comfort: Decreasing the air leakage from outside can keep your house more comfortable by reducing drafts and noise pollution. 

What Makes Windows Energy-Efficient
A window’s Energy Star rating shows that saving you will experience as compared to the single-pane windows. However, a lot more goes into creating energy-efficient windows than the total number of panels. The energy efficiency of windows plays an important role. However, what is it that makes windows energy efficient? For keeping your house cool in summers and warm in winters, your windows should decrease the air that escapes from the glass and frame, the heat that transfers through the windows, and control the light rays exiting and entering your house. The kind of glass and window material you select will impact the overall energy efficiency of your windows. 

Energy-Efficient Frames
Window frames are made from many different materials. Different window materials offer different levels of thermal resistance. Thermal resistance refers to the quantity of heat transferred from the window’s exterior to your house’s interior. 

Aluminum can be durable and inexpensive but comes with a bad insulation rating

Multi-chambered vinyl windows Calgary frames decrease heat loss as compared to the non-multichambered frames, resulting in additional energy efficiency.

Wood frames offer outstanding insulation, conducting a lower quantity of cold or heat in your house.

Fiberglass window frames also offer insulation like wood.

Energy-Saving Glasses
The style, thickness, and type of window glasses also contribute to your window’s energy efficiency. Enabling certain solar rays to exit or enter your house and decreasing your glass conductivity can impact your house’s comfort. It can also impact the cooling and heating costs of your house. The main factors that influence the window glass energy efficiency include: 

Insulating Glass: Lots of windows have inert, harmless gas between the glass panes. This offers an additional insulation layer. The gas also offers high resistance to heat flows, enhancing the window's thermal performance.

Glass Coating: The window glass tinted with coating can imitate solar heat. In summers, Low-E-glasses reflect heat away to keep your house cool. While in winters, it reflects the heat in your room to keep it warm. There are various Low-E-glasses designed to match the climate you reside in.

Number of Panes: The double-pane glasses offer better insulation as compared to single panes. Whereas triple-pane glasses can enhance your energy efficiency a lot.

Solar Window Films: Solar window films can add more tint. They come in different colors. You can talk to window companies in Calgary to find out whether it is a good choice for your area.

Professional Windows Installation
The parts and construction of windows are not all that really matters. Without the right installation, even the highly energy-efficient windows can also lose their performance. Window installation by professional window replacement Calgary company helps guarantee that your energy-efficient windows perform as you want. During your installation procedure, you get another opportunity to boost energy efficiency. You can ask the windows and doors Calgary experts to add insulating foam in the frame itself to offer another protection layer against air leaks. It is a small change that can result in large boosts in your house’s energy efficiency. 

What Should You Look For While Selecting Energy Efficient Windows
The goal is energy efficiency, but it takes up different meanings based on the climate of the place. Therefore, energy-efficient windows are intended to perform various things in various countries. In hot and sunny climate zones, you will want to completely block the heat and sun rays. In a colder climate area, windows that allow more solar energy will be the best. And if you reside in an area with a temperate climate having both cold winters and hot summers, you will need windows that can balance both cooling and heating. You can easily find this information on the labels of the windows. Search for the main energy rating of ENERGY STAR. This rating will offer guidance on what amount of money and energy every product can save you. ENERGY STAR government program certified energy-efficient door, windows, and other appliances. The label of an ENERGY STAR on a window shows whether the window you have chosen is certified by that program or not.