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How to tow a car with a wheel dolly

How to tow a car with a wheel dolly

In general, people use a tow dolly for various reasons. Sometimes, you may need it because of moving from one place to another, transportation, and many other reasons. No matter your purposes, if you do not know how to tow a car with a tow dolly, you may fall into trouble.

So, learning and understanding how a car dolly works are very necessary. Towing a car with a wheel dolly is not that hard. Anyone can learn and apply it very easily. It will save you in a bad situation and be very convenient and time-efficient for you.

So, in this writing, we will discuss how to tow a car with a wheel dolly. Keep reading to learn more.

Process of using a wheel dolly:
Suppose you are going on a trip or moving to your new house. Now you may need to tow your vehicle. In these following situations, a car wheel dolly will give you a very efficient way to move along with your loaded vehicle. Usually, your car's rear-wheel should be stuck on the ground when you will tow a vehicle.

This is how you need to connect the other vehicle with the rear-wheel of your primary car. Thus, it will give it more efficiency for movement. This method also can be used in the front-wheel-drive car. By any chance, if you are using a four-wheel drive for towing a vehicle, then you need to remove the driveshaft for long-distance travel.

But you always should make sure that you are not exceeding the towing capacity. So, below are given some steps that you can follow in order to tow a car with a wheel dolly.

Step 1: Connect with wheel dolly:
In the very first step, you need to connect your towing vehicle with the wheel dolly. You will find the hitch balls in your towing vehicle. You need to connect the wheel dolly with the hitch balls. Set the coupler properly so that they are secure and tight enough to hold your loaded vehicle.

In order to test this, you can also move the tow vehicle to see that if it is tight enough to move or not. Then you need to connect the safety chain with your tow vehicle. In any case, if the coupler comes out from the hitch or disconnects, the safety chain will keep the tow dolly connected with your vehicle.

You always should check and test them several times before starting. If you are traveling a long distance, you need to ensure that the safety chain and coupler in the hitch are tight and secured.

Step 2: Load your towing vehicle:
When you are done connecting the car dolly, the next step you need to do is to drive the car towards the dolly ramp. Before starting, you need to ensure that the dolly ramp should fit on your car tire. When you will load your car, keep your eyes open on the air dams and spoiler of your car.

As soon as when you are done with the loading process, you need to secure your vehicle. Both tires of your car should be placed with the tow dolly firmly. Additionally, you can also use tire straps to secure it and make it more firm.

Step 3: Disconnect the driveshaft of your vehicle:
In this step, most people make the common mistake. If you are traveling a long distance, do not forget to disconnect the driveshaft of the car. Also, if your car is a four-wheel-drive or a rear-wheel-drive car, you need to make sure that you disconnect the driveshaft.

When you disconnect it, it will help you prevent any kinds of transmission damages to your vehicle. In order to disconnect, you need to find out the point underneath your car where the driveshaft links with the differential. Then you will find a u-joint that holds the driveshaft with the differential.

After that, you need to remove all the bolts that hold the u-joint. Then try to move the driveshaft as far as you can. If you are traveling a long distance, then make it more secure not to interrupt you while driving.

The bottom line:
Using a wheel dolly is a very convenient way of transport, especially when you move from your house, on vacation, and so on. Usually, people use a car dolly because it is easy to use and you can easily move heave thing from one place to another.

You can follow the steps mentioned above to tow your car with a wheel dolly. But if you still find it so difficult for you and not sure how to do it, you seek help and call a professional to help you out. Hopefully, this writing helped you to know how to tow a car with a wheel dolly.