September 25, 2023


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Top 4 Practices to Solve Maths Problems with Ease

Top 4 Practices to Solve Maths Problems with Ease

Math has always been one of the most difficult subjects for students: sometimes due to the lack of proper understanding of concepts and sometimes simply due to one’s lack of interest on the student’s side. Besides that, there’s math anxiety which can be a potential reason why students and some adults find math difficult. But, let us ask you this question - how would you feel about the subject if we share a few tips that can make your or your kid’s life easier i.e. help you solve math problems with ease? Don’t worry if you don’t have the right words to express your happiness, we still understand. Thus, we are sharing 5 Kumon-approved practices to solve math problems with ease.

Practice is the best practice to make the math simpler
As Kumon methodology states, practice is the key to all your math problems. In fact, remember this, if you are not good at something you just started, keep practicing. Eventually, you’ll master it.

Kumon after-school programs, use this simple philosophy to help kids master math concepts they once used to get scared of. The process starts with simpler questions, the ones the kids know and have already solved. This step helps build confidence and instills a love for learning in the kid. The newly found love for numbers and learning encourages the kids to attempt new problems, solve them, and move forward to master the subject.

Attempt, solve, review and repeat
Reviewing one’s answer and rectifying mistakes is as important as attempting a problem and solving it. So, encourage children to always review their answers and their approach to arrive at the answer once they are done. This will allow them to find and rectify mistakes: an important lesson not just to score better in math but also in life.

Develop a distraction-free environment
A lot of times, math problems are not really problems - they are simply a question your child is not able to focus on properly. The reason can be many but a distracted mind is a common answer most of the time. If you feel it’s true for your child, find a well-lit, properly ventilated, and secluded corner for your child to focus on problem-solving without getting distracted.

After school program for the added support
Each kid has a different pace of learning. However, the traditional school curriculum and the teaching process fail to consider that while imparting education. Thus, some students fail to even understand the basics of the concept, others master it in one go. This could be one of the potential reasons your child finds math difficult.

The simplest way to help your kid, in this case, is to offer them additional support, either yourself at home or by enrolling him/her into an afterschool math program for kids. The afterschool programs will help your child revisit the concepts taught at school, clear his/her doubts and master the concepts one by one. Eventually, your child will develop an interest in problem-solving and be able to improve his/her grades.

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