February 3, 2023


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Why a big data course can shield your career from insecurities

Why a big data course can shield your career from insecurities

The concept of big data is not a new phenomenon. The electronic rendition of big data is conceptually the same as before, but with enhanced utility in terms of handling and analysis. Big data adds the factor of predictability and farsightedness. Devising a strategy with the help of a massive amount of data is easier and safer compared to decisions made based on experience.

The major obstacles to big data utilization are storage and handling. The storage problem field the rise of an entire segment of commerce and the requirement for analytics created a whole new area of profession.

The use of big data long exceeded the boundaries of the tech community and is used extensively in multiple commercial and public sectors. Clearly, the greater knowledge granted by big data is changing the landscape of public and commercial sectors at a scale never seen before. As a result, the efficiency of internal processes and entire operations is drastically increasing. In this discussion, we will try to understand why enrolling in a big data course can be an effective survival strategy.

The situation
After COVID19 happened in late 2019, the existing infrastructure of the human economic machine changed under sheer pressure. The paradigm shifts resulted in massive detours in career paths and fueled the emergence of insecurities in multiple aspects of life. In our country, the sufferings knew no bound for the ones thriving with a career in information technology and computer sciences. The fall of western economies only added to the already increased number of job losses. The unorganized sector was effectively non-existent for several months, resulting in humanitarian and economic disasters.

Facing this horrible ordeal, businesses became increasingly data-dependent for increasing the predictability of their operational outcome. Business analytics witnessed an overall hike in terms of the requirement of adept workers. The emergence of a new generation of data analysts was increasingly being considered as a humanitarian response against the pandemic.

Big data in commerce
In the commercial sector, Big data utilization gradually picked up a remarkable ferocity. It was soon realized that the internal efficacy of processes and services can increase by a huge margin by big data analytics. Additionally, data analytics was already a proven way for devising new strategies and micromanagement of operations. It is possible to make effective suggestions by analyzing climate, geopolitical, and market data even before the onset of a venture. The chances of damage are impressively low thanks to the predictability offered by big data analytics.

In terms of reaching the right customers, big data was proven to be the key factor. Despite having ethical limitations, the utilization of big data in targeted marketing went through the roof. By accessing the preferences of potential customers businesses can now provide a better and personalized advertisement experience. Bolstering the sales figures at a rate never seen before.

Big data in public sectors

The use of big data made the day to day traffic and city commute experience a lot smoother. Today it is possible to predict the traffic intensity and predict a smarter route. Additionally, suggestions can be made regarding the safest route by analyzing the accident data.

The healthcare industry benefiting the most from big data utilization. In the case of the healthcare industry, the ethical limitations regarding the collection of data are very little. Smart data collection devices and medical records are treated as a major source of data. With the help of this enormous amount of data, prescriptions are becoming more and more personalized. And with additional blessings of the internet real-time personalized treatment is very much within range.

Financial & banking
In the financial and banking sectors big data analytics is revealing frauds even before the onset, by analyzing the patterns and correlating with previous data. In managing cards and insurance services big data is bringing about revolutions. The data dependency of the banking sector for decreasing pressure at the outlets and offices is also becoming a win-win proposition for big data analytics in terms of employment and jobs.

The solution
For becoming a big data proficient, a certain amount of knowledge and skill with computers and data is important. Due to the sufferings of IT and CSE professionals, many are already pursuing a career in the field, willing to embrace a detour and career shift. A recommendation will be to enroll in a big data course before thinking of the sudden shift. Because, without knowing the bits and pieces of big data in detail, it is extremely unwise to consider a career shift.

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