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Waterfall Hiking Trails Near Nashville that will Cool you off

Waterfall Hiking Trails Near Nashville that will Cool you off

In the hot summer months, hiking can be hard work, but when the trail ends with a beautiful waterfall also known as natural air conditioning hiking will continuously improve. Considering the destination, this is more worth a visit than trekking through the woods, so please consider planning a day trip to one of these impressive waterfalls. We have arranged twelve options according to distance from Nashville so that you can decide how much time you are willing to spend to get back to nature. We brought you a list of beautiful Hiking Trails Near Nashville that’ll Cool you off

Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma
Though Rutledge is located on private property, it is open to the public. If you can cope with the raging icy creek, this is also a secluded place. It is a good place for family vacations, with convenient transportation, pristine picnic spots, and beautiful swimming holes. The only difficulty is to slide down briefly along some rocks, which may be slippery on the way to the bottom of the waterfall.

Gretel Falls in Altamont
Greeter Falls in Altamont is a subsidiary of the Cumberland State Park and Savage Gulf Trail System South. The waterfall itself is impressive, falling 50 feet on the limestone ledge and into the swimming pool below, but it also brings the advantage of being dog-friendly to the 1.6-mile loop trail. Take your dog on a fairly relaxing hike, but keep it on a leash.

Fiery Gizzard in Tracy City
If you prefer shorter waterfalls that can provide hidden swimming holes, it is difficult to defeat the snowy sizzle fiery trails that are part of south-central Tennessee’s South Cumberland State Forest. You can experience five different waterfalls, two of which fall into a fantastic outdoor swimming pool in a simple 3.3-mile loop. Both the Blue Hole Waterfall and the Wutong Waterfall are only 10 to 12 feet high, but their diving pools are filled with constantly flowing cool, crisp mountain water. Book your flights with Americans and head for a tremendous amusing hike in one of the best places.

Cummins Falls in Cookeville
Although there is a lovely waterfall pool below, you can admire this beautiful multi-level waterfall from above. Here, the overlook is just a short stroll through the woods from the parking lot. Acrobats may encounter some difficulties on the steep observation platform, but their courage will be rewarded. Descending into the valley below will cause steep hillsides to descend along unimproved trails and cross the river, so please think twice (three times).

Twin Falls in Rock island
The Twin Falls is unique because the Caney Fork River Dam created it in the 1920s, which caused two streams to flow from one side of the canyon and seep into the river from a wall forty feet below the edge of the cliff. The following. A few easy trails lead people to think differently about these fascinating waterfalls, but how close you can actually get depends on the timetable for the formation of the dam. Stay vigilant because the water level will rise rapidly.

Virgin Falls in Spartan
Virgin Falls, Spartan is a living example of a spring waterfall. A small stream flows from a cave on a cliff to another den 120 feet below. When the water level is low, especially fearless hikers can actually enter the two caves, but this is generally not recommended. However, if you can cope with the uneven eight-mile hike before you can fall, then you may be a badass anyway. Just book your American Airlines Reservations and enjoy the perfect hike on your next dream vacation to Nashville.

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