November 27, 2022


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10 Tips to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone

10 Tips to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have become better over the past few years, with smartphone brands ramping up the resolution of cameras. By adding lenses, and integrating photograph storage choices that keep the user snapping away without worrying about the quality of the photos, these phones are affordable, yet efficient.

Go ahead and ask anyone who has an Instagram or Snapchat account. You will soon discover that a camera is the killer feature on the best camera phone today.

You can easily purchase one of the best mobiles under 20000 INR with a camera. In a new smartphone model, the feature that is concentrated on is the camera. Everyone wants to step up their photography game. That’s easy with affordable phones like the Poco M2 Pro, Realme 7 Pro, and the OPPO 52A, which give other brands a run for their money.

Smartphones with Great Cameras
The year 2020 has witnessed the unveiling of some of the most talked-about camera phones. You can buy one of the best mobiles under 20,000 INR, equipped with powerful batteries, robust processors, and the icing on the smartphone cake, proficient cameras. Cameras of 64MP and 48MP have become somewhat of a norm, and you get these professional specs in mid-range segment smartphones.

You also get really good Samsung and Motorola models at this price range. Cameras of these phones are no less in performance than a DSLR for an amateur, or an expert. Various budget phones are available with quad-cameras, large battery capacities, quick charging, and great displays. Budget-friendly and user-friendly, these meet any photography need. Below are some pointers to make your photography Raghu Rai-worthy!

10 Tips for Taking Better Photos
Tip # 1 - Start on a blank page. The first rule that professionals swear by is to make sure the phone is clean before taking a single photo. You can wipe the lens on your jeans, but don’t try water. This will damage your camera lens in time. If you want to avoid scratches, a microfiber cloth does wonders.

Tip # 2 - Artfully frame your shots. Employ your camera to assist you. If you have an iOS phone, go to settings and choose the camera option. From there, you can easily enable “Grid”. What this does, is that it places a rule-of-thirds overlay in the phone’s camera app. The grid helps you to compose an image more precisely, keeping your focus within streamlined vertical and horizontal lines. In Android phones, go to settings > Apps > Camera, then select “Grid Lines”. You have the choice of a square, or a rule-of-thirds overlay, perfect for framed images on Instagram.

Tip # 3 - Digital zoom can be ditched. You may want to get a really up-close look at the subject, but using the zoom option is not the answer. Simply put, digital zoom photos are just cropped images that are resized. This is nowhere near an optical zoom lens on an actual camera. Digital zoom will give you images that are grainy and reduce picture resolution.

Tip # 4 - Don’t make your own light. An LED light flash doesn’t do anything for a photograph. Images will look harsh and badly colored. Try to find natural light sources, like the sun at dusk, some indoor lighting, or candlelight even. Light sources should be diffused and consistent.

Tip # 5 - Be steady. To take shots that don’t turn out a bit askew or blurry, you need to be steady on your feet and with your hands. Use a tripod if you want perfect images.

Tip # 6 - Instruct your phone to take a shot. Android smartphones have the facility of Google Assistant to take pictures for you.

Tip # 7 - “Portrait mode” works well in bright light. Taking a photo in this mode will yield a more visually-appealing shot.

Tip # 8 - Exposure counts. Always tap your screen to lock the focus on your subject, rather than anything else. If you don’t, the background will look better than the subject in discussion.

Tip # 9 - Avoid vibrations with a remote shutter mechanism. This is an ideal add-on accessory if you’re not steady enough.

Tip # 10 - Cloud storage may fool you. Cloud storage photo services don’t necessarily store the best versions of your photos in terms of resolution. You can subscribe to a service that stores all the pixels in your photos, or just store the low-resolution ones.

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