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Is CounSol EMR right for your practice

Is CounSol EMR right for your practice

About CounSol EMR
CounSol is an EHR software that was created to meet the needs of physicians a long time ago. The software was created with the aim of assisting you in running your practice more effectively. It has a number of different features that will assist you in making your work run smoothly and interesting while still being basic.

CounSol EMR is a web-based billing and EHR solution for mental health services that helps streamline collections, patient claims, and other procedures. Counsol is a HIPAA-compliant platform that allows users to conveniently record sessions using templates for treatment plans, progress reports, and more.

Top Counsol EMR Features

Easy Treatment plan
CounSol EMR helps majorly with making treatment Plans. The models are extremely easy to use and include diagnostic definitions, codes, problems with risks, issues and concerns, long-term and short-term goals, key targets and priorities, tactics, and much more. You can easily configure these plans and handle them according to your needs with the aid of Counsol and the knowledge that this software provides.

Client Scheduling
Client Scheduling has never been easier thanks to Counsol You have your own calendars that clients can use to see when you are around. Doctors can easily configure their schedules to display the dates and times that they want their clients to see, and you can even customize the amount of time or session that you want to give.

You can also set up video chat sessions with them over the internet. It's much easier to handle this way because clients are aware of your availability and can change their schedules accordingly. Finally, both the advisor and the client have access to the booking and appointment information, which is simple and convenient for both parties.

Client Billing and Invoicing
If you've ever used EHR software for billing, you're aware of how important this feature is. Billing is a critical feature of a successful EHR software because, as a doctor, you want to concentrate on your patient’s care rather than being paid.

The Billing function of Counsol sends all invoice information to your customers and processes payments through a payment processor. The platform makes it easy for customers to make payments online. The Counsol Billing and Invoicing feature keep track of payments and revenue, allowing the doctor to concentrate solely on the patient.

Client Notes and Records
Counsol is an excellent EHR software that includes a Notes feature. It's important to keep track of client notes and development with the aid of notes. Since client information must be protected and encrypted, Counsol provides end-to-end encryption. Only you will have access to that information, and since it will be saved in one place, you will never have to worry about it being lost.

Secure Live Video and Live Chat
It's always a smart idea to keep improving. You will make your job easier and provide live video therapy to your clients. Counsol has a number of unique features that are tailored to counselors who wish to provide video sessions to their clients. It is extremely easy to use on both ends and can be extremely beneficial to both parties

CounSol EMR Pricing
CounSol EMR Pricing starts from $44.95 per month. The software does not offer a free version but has a free trial option for you.

CounSol EMR Review
The software is extremely loved by therapists and Counselors. The overall rating has also been above 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers have had a lot of positive things to say about CounSol EMR. If you want to know more about CounSol EMR and Whether it will suit your practice or not, please visit Software Finder.

Final Thoughts
CounSol is a very loved EHR software and has been around for quite a while now. It is a great pick for therapists and counselors. If you are a therapist or if you are in search of a mental health-specific or behavioral health-specific EHR software, we would recommend you to check CounSol EMR out.

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